Trip To Remember – Kolkata Diaries – Best Friend’s Bengali Wedding

I am aware that I have few other posts pending on my blog. Post on a couple of previous trips and a Liebster Award post. But, I can’t wait to write this one, cos I feel indebted to post this. I am writing this post after an awesome trip from Kolkata. If you are wondering what made me travel all the way from Chennai, it’s my best friend Srijani’s wedding with Apurba. A wedding I can’t miss. This is probably the longest post I ever wrote. Also, bare with my extraordinary photographic skill and image quality of the pics.

The city of Kolkata:
I was very excited to travel to Kolkata. This old, rustic ex-capital of British India (until 1911) doesn’t need much introduction, as the city is well known for arts, literature and food. It’s been home to many great souls like Swami Vivekananda, Subhas Chandra Bose, Satyendra Nath Bose, Sri Aurobindo, Satyajit Ray etc. Notable Nobel laureates like Rabindranath Tagore, Sir C. V. Raman, Mother Teresa and Amartya Sen are very closely associated with this city, that’s 4/5 total Nobel laureates of India. People of this place, Bengalis are said to be very patriotic. No wonder it’s the birthplace of India’s national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” and national song “Vande Mataram”.

The Long Train Journey:
With all that excitement, I boarded Howrah Mail on the midnight of 19th Jan 2016 with my friend Shaul Hameed and his wife Humaira Thasneem Hameed. I am still wondering why 15-day train journey felt so short and this 29 hours journey felt dragging. Most time was spent on reading a book and watching sitcom episodes. Fast forward, we reached Howrah station on the early morning of 21st Jan.

The Bengali Wedding:

Day 1:
Though was tired, we reached the marriage hall by the morning. Many rituals were carried out by the bride’s side in parallel while we were whiling up the time clueless. You wouldn’t expect people to literally stuff yummy rasgullas into your mouth, that’s what my friend’s sweet sister did. She doesn’t stop with that, she also made sure to apply a mix of sandal and turmeric on my face after the haldi function. I made sure that she doesn’t miss my friend Shaul. Believe me; it’s tough to outrun her. For breakfast, we were served Luchi and Alur Dum, Bengali version of poori and potato masala. Followed by an awesome lunch, the menu is a reflection of Bengali’s love towards fish. Post lunch we decided to take a break, go back to our room, freshen up and be back for the main marriage event by the eve.

As planned, I and Shaul went to the wedding in traditional attire, we draped Vetti a.k.a dhoti in south Indian style and wore a dark colour shirt. We stood out in the crowd, just think of two guys wearing Vetti Sattai in a traditional Bengali wedding, how funny does that sound. I never felt this involved in any of my friend’s marriage. It’s common to be treated as a guest in friend’s marriages, but my friend Srijani’s family went a step ahead. They treated me as one in their family. I was really moved when I was given the honour of welcome the groom when he arrived and to escort him to the wedding altar. That’s like the greatest honour a friend can get at his friend’s wedding, cos here it’s usually done by the bride’s brother. Then, there is a ritual where the bride is made to sit on a low wooden stool, lifted and taken around the groom seven times. The lifting is usually done by the bride’s brothers, but they included me also in lifting and that was one awesome experience. The main marriage got concluded as the groom applied vermilion on the bride’s forehead. The day ended with an awesome dinner which includes aromatic Kolkata style mutton biryani, fish tikka, mutton curry, rasgullas and kulfi. It was already midnight when we reached our room, what a day it was.

Day 2:
As I am an early bird I woke up early as usual, but the love birds with whom I came along, didn’t. I tried watching a couple of sitcoms episode but got bored soon. So, I walked 8 Kms on the busy roads of Kolkata, It was fun. On the way back to my room, I had tea from a roadside shop and was shocked by the serving size. The cup reminded of measurement cup in tonic bottles, probably one-third of what they serve in Chennai. It was already noon when the couples woke up and got ready and we headed back to the marriage hall. As all the main marriage events got concluded yesterday itself, It’s just the supplementary events today. The bride and the groom are made to play small ritualistic games; probably it’s kinda warm up before the big game ahead. Again, yet another awesome lunch with 4 fish dishes, can’t ask for more. With some time left, we thought to roam around.

It was already noon when the couples woke up and got ready and we headed back to the marriage hall. As all the main marriage events got concluded yesterday itself, It’s just the supplementary events today. The bride and the groom are made to play small ritualistic games; probably it’s kinda warm up before the big game ahead. Again, yet another awesome lunch with 4 fish dishes, can’t ask for more. With some time left, we thought to roam around.

Finding Nani Lal Gosh:
When asked for good places nearby to get rasgullas, my friend’s brother suggested “Nani Lal Gosh”. Though we were heavy after a sumptuous lunch, we decided to try this place before going anywhere else. After enquiring directions and couple of misdirection, we finally reached there. We had yummy Nolen Gur (date palm jaggery) rasgulla which can be got only in the winters and Rabdi too. My friends also tasted the famous Mishti Doi (sweet yogurt) and they loved it. Believe me; this small place is worth the long walk.

The Victoria
Not secret, but the memorial. We reached a bit late, thanks to narrow streets and heavy traffic. As the result, we couldn’t get the museum passes and could avail only the garden passes. We spent some time clicking pics walking around the memorial. As we couldn’t make it to the museum today, we unanimously decided to visit back this place first thing in the morning tomorrow.

The Howrah and The Ghats of the Ganges
After missing to meet Queen Victoria, we decided to go to BabuGhat so that we could experience the ferry ride to Howrah. To my surprise, the ticket cost is just Rs.5 per person. We enjoyed the ride as the Howrah Bridge looked strong and beautiful at night. Once done with the ride, we also decided to walk across the bridge. The bridge was too crowded, still we managed to walk and click some pics. That’s all for the day, we returned back to our room by midnight.

Visiting Victoria Again
Victoria MemorialFirst thing in the morning, we took a taxi to Victoria memorial. It’s a huge white marble museum built to commemorate 25 years reign of Queen Victoria in India. As all of us were hungry, we had Luchi-Alur Dum and Chow Mein for breakfast, what a contrast. This time, we were lucky to get museum passes. While my enthusiasm to visit the museum is boiling up, the couples were busy with nature photography around the memorial. Luckily they finished before I reached my threshold of waiting for them. We were allowed into the museum after security check and were asked to switch off our electronic devices as photography is prohibited in there. The main museum housed many artefacts related to British rule in India, mainly weapons that were used at that point in time. One mustn’t miss the paintings in the royal gallery which illustrates the life history of Queen Victoria. If you are interested in the history of Kolkata, then don’t miss the Calcutta gallery in there. A visit to Kolkata wouldn’t be a complete without this place.

Princep Ghat
This monument along the banks of the Ganges was built in the memory of James Princep who was an eminent Anglo-Indian scholar. His works were so great that this was built by crowd funding people of Calcutta, which was 12,000 Rs in 1841. Later this place was renovated and maintained by Public Works Department of Kolkata. It’s one of the most happening tourist spots in Kolkata, especially for couples. You could see couples all around clicking pics and taking a boat ride on the Ganges. I can’t forget the chillness of the Ganges, the chillness that touched my spine when my bare foot touched the water. Wish I had an extra pair of clothes to take a dip. Then I remembered that I haven’t got anything for my family. So, it’s time for some shopping.

The Esplanade Shopping
It’s a short travel from Princep Ghat. All I wanted to get was a Bengali Cotton Saree for my mom and a Salwar for my sis, for which I needed the help of Shaul’s wife. But, the couples were busy with their own shopping, so I decided to part apart and try my luck.

The Couples Dilution
If you are single, especially guys, it’s better to avoid planning a trip with couples unless it’s inevitable like this one. No offence couples, this benefits both. The problem is the difference of preference. They might prefer places while you prefer experiences. They might be less flexible, comfort seeking and do things in leisure. More than all, it’s constant guilt of invading their privacy.

The Tram Ride
It’s something Shaul & Co. shouldn’t have missed. Visiting Kolkata and not experiencing a tram ride is similar to visiting Chennai and not going to marina beach. After parting from the couples, I searched for shops for Bengali Cotton Saree, but that too failed as most shops there sold trendy stuff. Then, I decided to at least experience the tram ride. Somehow I enquired and found the nearby college road tram line. I was excited to see the tram approaching and boarded it when it stopped. Again the ticket is flat Rs. 5, which is very cheap. I enjoyed the ride; it felt like a bus moving a bit slower over the rails. The funnier part was people staring at me wired, I presume my excitement and me clicking pics must be the reasons.

The Crafts Shop
I came back to Esplanade empty handed to join Shaul, A small guilt of not getting anything for mom and sis still stuck to me. I found interesting things on display while I crossed the shop and decided to check on the same. I got myself a small terracotta Rabindranath Tagore statue, which will be my official souvenir of this trip. I got sis an artistic box with a glass painting and mom a Sholapith Durga wall hanging. When I went to the billing counter to pay for my items, I saw an old man sitting at the counter, he must be around 70. Hearing my worst Hindi, he enquired where I am from. I saw his calm wrinkled face glowing and turned smiling when I replied “Chennai”. I was completely flabbergasted when he asked me “eppadi irukenga”, that’s “how are you” in Tamil, my mother tongue. While I was still standing speechless, he continued, that he used to work in madras (former name of Chennai) and Coimbatore 40 years back and still got friends there. He also added that he like the people there. That’s something really sweet to hear. I left the place after thanking him for those kind words.

Small Tagore - The official souvenir of this trip

Small Tagore – The official souvenir of this trip

The Metro Ride
Did I tell you that we were personally invited by the groom for yet another function at his home? It’s a kinda reception where close relations from the bride side visits the groom’s house and they were treated there. To reach the groom’s home, we must join with my friend’s family first. We were advised to take a metro and then an auto to reach there. So, we took a metro from Esplanade to Shobhabazar. The fare is only Rs. 5 and the maximum fare is Rs. 25 which is very cheap comparing to Rs. 40 in Chennai. Transportation in Kolkata is really cheap compared to other cities. As usual, I could notice people eying us wired, probably cos of the strange language we were talking and wouldn’t have seen people taking selfies in the metro. They might have no idea that we go in metro only to take selfies. Trivia: Kolkata metro is the first underground railway system in India.

The Sweet Surprise
Somehow we managed to reach my friend’s house. As we arrived we were served with rasgullas and samosas. Wait, rasgulla is not the sweet surprise anymore, they serve it at every other meal here, and there is one more much sweeter. SJ’s mom gifted me and Shaul awesome shirt and trouser fabric. She also gave Shaul’s wife a traditional Bengali cotton Saree. That time, I kinda felt bad that I couldn’t get one for my mom. So, I told the same to aunty expecting her that she would point me to a better place where I would get one. But, she patiently listened to all these and left the place just replying “ok”. First I thought that she is busy with the arrangements and resumed eating rasgullas. After a while, she stepped in with a couple of sarees in her hand and asked me which one I would like to take for my mom. I was dumbstruck for a while and that’s the sweet surprise guys, sweeter than those rasgullas itself. Out of the two, I chose the one which suits my mom, a beautiful yellow colour one. I couldn’t thank her enough for that much love; it might be one which she bought for herself to wear on a special occasion. I was delighted and beaming with smile and joy. One must have seen me dancing out of joy when she left the room, Shaul and his wife witnessed that insanity.

Beautiful traditional Bengal Cotton Saree - SJ's mom gift to my mom

Beautiful traditional Bengal Cotton Saree – SJ’s mom gift to my mom

The Reception
After more than an hour of drive, we reached the groom’s home. There we were introduced to the groom’s family and relatives. We were really happy and felt privileged to be there. It felt like family more than friends. What can make the evening more pleasant than a sumptuous Bengali dinner? . It’s already late by the time we finished our dinner and we have an early morning flight back to Chennai. So, we started back to the hotel after a photo session. I was happy to be there for my best friend, to be there while she takes a leap in her life.

The Early Morning Flight
Our flight was scheduled at 8.20 am and we were advised to start early due to extensive republic day security checks. Waking up at 4.30 am is something usual for me, but for my friend Shaul, it’s like waking up at midnight that too after sleeping late at night. Luckily we all woke up and got ready on time. It seems we reached the airport bit early and a long wait followed until we boarded the flight. It’s a 2hrs 10mins flight to Chennai and it’s generous of Shaul to sacrifice his seat by the shade for me. It’s my 1st, morning flight and I enjoyed gazing at those clouds while we flew above them. They looked nothing less than suspended white colour candy floss. That was one smooth flight except a couple of air turbulence, which I experienced for the first time. It was around 10.45 when we landed at Chennai.

The Lucky Arrival
I was waiting to collect my baggage from the baggage conveyor and was lucky to spot some celebrities nearby. I am happy to meet some of my favourite singers SPB Sir, Srinivas and Karthik. They were all returning back from Rahman’s Coimbatore concert. They were all gracious to exchange few words with this unknown fan and accept my request to take a selfie with them.

I loved writing this post. Even recollecting each and every moment gave me a warm feeling. I still feel words aren’t enough to express my experience there. I couldn’t thank enough Srijani and her families for their love, hospitality and making this trip more memorable. I dedicate this blog post to them. Wish the couples an awesome married life.

Bye 2015 Hi 2016

Hey 2015,
I couldn’t forget the way you started. In Yatra Express, somewhere between Orissa and Bihar. The bogie became our dance floor and we danced to glory. No new year eve have ever been like this. You have been an eventful year for me. To highlight it’s Jagriti Yatra, completing my MBA, my 1st flight, my sister’s marriage, Goa Coorg trip and my 100th blog post. Even career wise you have been great to me. You gave me all strength come to out of my comfort zone and diversify from being a software developer. I thought you would end up smooth, but you had your own twist don’t you, The Chennai Floods. Though it’s a disaster and shouldn’t have happened, It turned out to be a great lesson for me and all of us. It brought us together and humanity out of us. Thank You 2015, for being a great year. For filing my life with awesome memorable moments and experience. For bringing in awesome people into my life.

Hello 2016,
As usual, I am not expecting much from you and no resolutions too. I know that’s a great relief to both of us. Just planning to be more focused in few aspects, hope you will render your support. Wishing to be a happy soul as ever. Do spread smiles, happiness, love and peace. Looking forward for an awesome time together. Lets rock together.

Wish all my readers an awesome year ahead and a very happy new year :)

A Year Since – Jagriti Yatra

This time last year, I was busy packing for what turned out to be an awesome journey in my life. My excitement to meet those awesome people who were just known through social media was indescribable. OMG, It’s been a year since YATRA. Yes, I am talking about Jagriti Yatra only. If you have no idea about it, you should probably refer the below link. If you are someone who is about to go on yatra, better avoid it. It would be like a spoiler to your favourite movie, Better to keep the excitement on.

My Yatra Series ->

Every Time I think of yatra, I just feels like a dream. It was an awesome amazing journey and It will be one of my best memories cherished forever. – Gokoulane Ravi

This journey made a huge shift on my perceptions towards people and certain aspects of life. Few of my friends even complain than I had become bit more serious person post yatra. It really turned out to be Inspirational and Motivational journey. I could go on and on about yatra as it had made a significant impact in my life. Either it be my birthday or a flood it my city, I got yatris all around the country to call and wish for my wellbeing. I am even lucky to have few yatris from other states visiting my home during their stay at Chennai.

There are few things of mine which make me feel nostalgic about the yatra. So, I thought to share those souvenirs with you.


My Yatra ID Card, At times I feel it hard earned than my marathon medals.

Golden Momento for all those Golden Moments

Golden Momento,  for all those Golden Moments

A small Budha statue - Bought it from a small novelty shop at the Ruins Of Nalanda. One of the few things I bought during the Yatra.

A small Buddha statue – Bought it from a small novelty shop at the Ruins Of Nalanda. One of the very few things I bought during the Yatra.

Such a sweet note from my Facilitator Mr. Dinesh.

Such a sweet note from my Facilitator Mr. Dinesh.

Midnight Hindi lessons from my dear friend and cohort mate Sushil.

How could I ever forget those midnight Hindi lessons from my dear friend and cohort mate Sushil.

Values - A gift from my buddy Jai from Gandhi Museum, Ahmedabad

Values – A gift from my buddy Jai from Gandhi Museum, Ahmedabad

A parting note from Manikandan, Though from Kerala, he sings awesome tamil songs.

RosaPoo Chinna RosaPoo – A parting note from Manikandan. Though from Kerala, he sings awesome tamil songs.

Yet another awesome note, This time it's from CEO Charen, Our gang's official photographer and a multitalented personality.

Yet another awesome note. This time it’s from CEO Charen, Our gang’s official photographer and a multitalented personality.

Someone gave me the heart-in on the last day and I bought myself that personalized key chain from mumbai.

Someone gave me the heart-in on the last day of the yatra, I bought myself that personalized key chain from mumbai.

I know there will be moments in my life which might make my spirits go low. But, I hope these things would keep me inspired and motivated enough.

5 Things Learned From My Sister’s Wedding

I can call it procrastination, writer’s block, lack of time and whatnot. But, I am pulling myself again to write this blog post, Self motivation works.

There is a saying in Tamil, “Kalyanam Panni Paar , Veedu katti Paar” which literally translates to “Build a house, Organize a Wedding”. Now I understand the significance of those words, because those both would teach you lots of lessons on people and money. I have no experience in building a house and also have no idea if an experience in getting a house loan counts. One and a half month ago my sister got married and that was an incredible experience which taught me quite a lot. I am just wishing to share few of those through this post.

  1. Shopping Frustration:
    To confess, this is the least favourite part for me in this marriage. I never enjoyed shopping for clothes, so felt kinda burdened while shopping with my mom and my sis. With neither sense for fashion nor taste for colours, it gets difficult when asked for suggestions. It’s not an easy talk to convince both my mom and sis, they would look at 1000 to pick one. I pity the sales persons in those shops, they stand all day and even work harder to convince customers like my mom and sis to buy. Most of my shopping time, I end up standing, holding bags and observe the art of selling. Least I could do well was take care of payments and accounts.
    Lesson: Patience, lots of patience.

  2. Date (Fate) Determination:
    To be clear, this one is not about the date in which a guy and a girl go out together, but the one which is on the calendar. It’s not just the marriage date, but every other date associated with the event. Sincere thanks to Panjangam or age old Practices or whatever they call it. Everything to be done has got some specific so called good date and time to execute. Starting from buying wedding Saree to selecting the wedding invitation, everything involved a good date and a good time. The worst part is most of it lies on week day and in my work hours, god damn, why couldn’t they do it whenever it’s convenient, someone explain pls. Thankfully, my flexible working hours rescued at times. I could digest every other thing, but fixing time for the wedding night is bit too much. I pity the bride and the groom who has to wait for the right time :D
    Lesson: Never question someone’s faith.

  3. Invitation Distribution:
    This is one mammoth task, It’s the most time consuming next to my sister’s shopping.
    How could I ever forget that epic trip. We actually planned to visit some 30 relation’s residents in and around pondicherry and cuddalore to invite them. So we hired a call taxi and started from our home by 5 am and returned home 1 am the next day after visiting around 60 relation’s residents and inviting them. It’s all cos of out improper planning, only on our way we realized that we didn’t cover FEW in our list and started covering their residents too. I advised my parents to cover those houses some other day, but they were determined to complete on a go. Though the driver was tired and frustrated with this, he was polite to us, should thank him for that.
    I also had a great time visiting my friends houses and inviting them. My bad, I did miss to invite few of them and they are gracious to accept my invitation over phone or WhatsApp. One best friend even came all the way to my office to collect the invitation.
    Lesson: Prepare a list and plan accordingly. Start distributing invitation well in advance, so that they have enough time to plan to attend the wedding and you have enough time to invite all you need to.

  4. Relation(ship) Confusion
    I can’t complain about few of my relatives, cos I left it to them, complaining is solely their department. “This is not good”, “You would have done it this way”, “What color is that”, “You didn’t respect me”, “You didn’t properly invite me”, “There is No AC”, etc. They could keep on complaining all long and at times it’s really frustrating to hear them. Now let me come to the confusion part. I have no idea about most of the relatives.  It’s really embarrassing when they know about my education, work, etc. and I don’t even know their name. I some how managed the situation but answering their question and with my smile when I don’t know an answer. They all end up the conversation with one frustrating dialogue, “Next is You”, Yes, obviously it’s me.  But the bright part is, few close relatives helped a lot throughout the marriage and my sincere thanks to them.
    Lesson: Relatives. a necessary evil.

  5. Friendship Admiration
    I’m so happy that few of my friends came for the marriage in spite of the distance. I have decide to forgive those who came up with reasons rather than turning up for the marriage. Hope, at least they turn up for mine. It’s not only my friends, My sister’s besties stayed there to help her out. My dad’s friends are awesome too, they helped us all the way. Some of his friends didn’t even bother to sleep on the floor, while some of my relatives were complaining about no AC in their rooms. I was overwhelmed when most of our neighbours turned up for the marriage and few helped mom with lots of small functions that held at home during the marriage. I could surely say, no of friends outnumbered the no of relatives at the marriage. I thank them all for helping us.
    Leason: A true friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be anywhere else. 

I dedicate this post to the recently wed, my sister Janani and her husband Mr. Sabarinathan, wish the couple an awesome married life ahead.

Purer Than Gold & Sparkling Than Diamonds

He stood on the deck sipping a cup of hot coffee, it was a cold and breezy morning and his ship was sailing somewhere on south pacific. The combination mist and mast reminded Varun of titanic movie and his better half. He missed Shivani a lot and cursed his marine engineer job that caused the distance, they were married just for 4 months when he left for the voyage. He dreamt of her, hugging him from behind, until a beep from his mobile disturbed him. With frustration he shouted “OMG, can’t I even dream of being with my wife” and lazily took out the phone from his pocket and it read “5 more days for anniversary”. He sighed, being well aware of his awesome memory, he added multiple anniversary reminders on the day of his wedding and that’s what gonna save him. He was supposed to get sign off a month back and spend time with his wife, but his replacement got delayed due to some emergency and still got stuck here. Again he cursed himself, this reminder is of no use as the ship left the port just couple of days back and it would take another 10 days to reach the next port.

After a deep thought, he decided to order something online for her. But, he always wanted to gift her some jewelry on their 1st anniversary and even saved some money for the same. Something struck his mind and he rushed to his captain’s cabin.

Varun: Hi Captain (in a panicking voice)
Captain: Is something wrong with the ship, I had never seen you like this.
V: Captain, need your permission to use the SatPhone.
C: Any Emergency?
V: Not emergency, But Kinda important and personal.
C: Don’t take much time, you know it costs a lot.
V: Aye Captain, Thank You.

After searching his contacts he called his friend who is a famous fashion blogger

Varun: Hello, Hi it’s Varun here.
Friend: Dei, You alive?, what a wonder you have called, haven’t heard from you since your marriage.
V: Sorry ya, was kinda busy.
F: Okie Okie, Where you calling from? Back to chennai?
V: No No, I am still floating on the water, look, I am using satphone, can’t talk much, called you for a small help.
F: Tell me , tell me.
V: My 1st anniversary is on way in another 5 days and I want to gift my wife some jewellery, unfortunately still got stuck here, few months back you posted about one online jewellery site na.
F: Yeah, Stylori ah ?
V: I don’t remember the name an all, tell the site address, let me try.
F: Note it da, it’s 
V: One more thing, How about the quality an all?
F: Don’t worry about quality an all, i myself had purchased from there, more than that, you know NAC Jewellers na, it’s their online wing only.
V: Then Ok, Will you help me choosing? , I am bad at all those and you know that.
F: No No, Your wife, you choose. and get me something when you are back da.
V: Hello… Hello… Hello… Think signal is dropping. Thanku Thanku.
F: Thu, You never change, bugger.

Again He rushed back to his captain’s cabin.

C: What’s now Varun?
V: Captain, need your terminal to access internet.
C: What ? !! Don’t tell me that you want to update your facebook status and check in in pacific ocean.
V: No Captain, Want to order something online for my wife and just realized that my 1st anniversary is just 5 days ahead.
C: Wow, congrats man, I understand, I know it’s really difficult and really sorry for still keeping you on the board, but have no other go. Wait will set it up, then you can go ahead and use it.
V: Thanks Captain.

Before going ahead, he spent sometime in deciding what to get her, then he narrowed in his mind to get a pendant and a set of earrings for her. Then, he opened in his browser and browsed the numerous options. With no prior experience in buying jewellery, few educational articles regarding grading gold and diamond helped him to a greater extent. He was also glad about their “no questions asked” return policy as he feared her rejection towards his selection. He selected pendant and earrings that reflects her personality, modern yet simple. Then he customized Gold and Diamonds for their grade by choosing the best quality available and added them to the cart, his heart always wanted to get the best for her. What could have made him merrier than the discounts and option to send it as a gift with a special message to her. He wrote “Sorry, I couldn’t find anything more purer than your love and more sparkling than your smile to gift you. I tried my level best and this is all I could get. I Love You, I Miss You”. He made payment using his Credit Card to complete the order and closed the browser window with a big smile on his face.

He couldn’t call and wish her on their anniversary, so he called her 5 days later when the ship got to the port.

Varun: Hey, Happy Anniversary.
Shivani: It’s not yet anniversary sir, you was with me only for 4 months (Laughter), I really miss you. Wish you were around.
V: Same here, got my gift? like them?
S: Yeah, they are lovely da. I’m so happy. They made me to miss you more.
V: So, where’s my gift?
S: Awaiting for you at home, come back soon.
V: Yeah, I will..

Their conversation got extended for more than an hour. Let’s not shamelessly eavesdrop their private conversation.

Couple of weeks later, Varun got replacement and got signed off from his work. To surprise her, he reached home without giving her a single clue. He rang the doorbell and she got completely flabbergasted seeing him at the door steps. She jumped out of joy, pulled him straight, hugged him tight and kissed him right. He noticed her wearing his gifts, the pendant and the earrings, not only that, he also noticed the tears of joy run down her cheeks. He whispered to her, “Why are you wearing this now?”, She replied, “I missed you a lot, I feel like you being with me when I wear them, that’s why” and smiled at him. Again he realized, there is nothing as pure as her love and nothing as sparkling as her smile.

This entry is a part of the Stylori-Jewellery from the Heart contest, It’s just a mere attempt to amalgamate Style, Love and Story reflecting the brand itself.


organised in partnership with The Chennai Bloggers Club, Which I am proud to be a part of.


Though this post is about online jewellery, I dedicate this to all of them who work away from their families.

I Heart ART-ery

I am hosting this guest post in my blog to support my friend Minu Marie Mathew on her new brand, ART-ery. I find her entrepreneurial spirit really inspiring and I wish her all the very best.


Brand Message:-

The brand is called “ART-ery” and deals with fashion jewelry primarily. We’re a woman-centric brand and we want our name to become synonymous with women who stand up for themselves. Our goal is to showcase the fact that every woman is beautiful as she is without having to make any change. We want to let a woman express her inner personality with a piece of artistic jewelry that resonates with her personality.
Our products themselves are handpicked and in some cases handcrafted with materials sourced both domestically and internationally. Presently we have categories: Neckpieces, Earrings, Ear Cuffs, Arm Cuffs, Bangles, Bracelets, Anklets, Headbands, Finger Rings and Home Décor. Each product has some artistic sense behind it and we’re very focused on individuality. On the business front at this point of time we’re a Facebook store and we have participated in several exhibitions as well.

Why the name ART-ery :-

More often than anything we get asked the question “Why the name ART-ery?” Usually the question is followed up with an assumed interpretation of what the brand name could signify. Now while we love the zest and effort behind these guesses, we think it’s time we told the tale of ART-ery.

When we started the brand, we commenced our Facebook page with the brand message “Express your inner self with a piece of ART and celebrate the woman in you”. Besides serving us as a tagline, that little summary is the essence of who we are and why we started this brand.

The words ‘Fashion’ and ‘Style’ are often misunderstood as qualities possessed by people who buy designer labels or read high-street magazines. That isn’t what ART-ery is trying to provide. We think your inner self is beautiful, stylish and fashionable. We don’t want to do anything to change that, we wouldn’t dare! We’re here to help you find that inner self. There’s fashion in your blood, fashion in your arteries! And that is the message behind the name ART-ery.

The added emphasis on the word “ART” in our name denotes that we’re extremely selective when it comes to our product range. We’re simply a place that takes pride in housing and appreciating art. Our products are handpicked or handmade to be statement pieces that let a woman be herself. Every woman being beautiful and unique requires every product to be crafted beautiful and unique. With a range that spreads across necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, anklets, bracelets, arm cuffs, headbands, home décor and more, we meticulously ensure that each of our products embody art, style and elegance.

Our vision for ART-ery is to embrace diversity and everyone’s individual style. Fashion is something that’s already in you, be proud to celebrate who you are!

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Ten Squared

Significance of 100 

  • 100 is the square of 10 (in scientific notation it is written as 102). The standard SI prefix for a hundred is “hecto-“.
  • 100 is the basis of percentages (per cent meaning “per hundred” in Latin), with 100% being a full amount.
  • 100 is the sum of the first nine prime numbers, as well as the sum of some pairs of prime numbers e.g., 3 + 97, 11 + 89, 17 + 83, 29 + 71, 41 + 59, and 47 + 53.
  • 100 is the sum of the cubes of the first four integers (100 = 13 + 23 + 33 + 43). This is related by Nicomachus’s theorem to the fact that 100 also equals the square of the sum of the first four integers: 100 = 102 = (1 + 2 + 3 + 4)2.[2]
  • 26 + 62 = 100, thus 100 is a Leyland number.

Ten squared is 100, thus the title of the post is simply 100. If you are curious why this guy has put up some trivia about 100, please keep guessing. I was even surprised to see today’s date (10th October) coinciding with the post, multiplying its day and month also yields 100. Ok, will come straight to the point, yayyyyy, this is my 100th blog post.

100 post is really cool milestone na, so, I take this post as an opportunity to thank few. First, let me thank myself for being determined to write consistently, at least one post a month. Then,  I thank my friends whom I troubled, forced and tortured them to read my posts whenever I wrote one. Then, I thank my fellow bloggers and my dear friends at Chennai Blogging Club, you guys are simply awesome and one of my vital source of motivation when it comes to writing. Last but not the least, I sincerely thank all the readers who visited my blog and read my posts, even the counts motivate me.

If I read my 1st post now, I would probably laugh at it for the language and the writing style. But, there is no 100th post with out the 1st one. I would better say that my writing got evolved with my blog. I know there is way to go, but I am really happy about this milestone. Thanks again everyone who supported me and this blog.

This day also got yet another significance in my life. Same day, 5 years back (10.10.10) I joined the company which I am currently working for. So, it’s my 5th work anniversary too. Way to go my boy, way to go.

This one is dedicated to you, The Reader.