Make Your Own Paper Bag

Unusually i woke up bit late (around 6.45 am) on Sunday morning, after realizing that its quiet late even to go for a run (chennai summer boss) and I started browsing some random stuffs on the internet and came across this video on how to make your own paper bag from old newspaper.

One fellow in office have same kinda paper bag which he brings to office daily and I also remember doing exactly the same once in my office on some world environment day, But nothing wrong doing it once again when you are bit vetti (idle/jobless) no. So bellow is the one which i did for myself.

Paper Bag

Paper Bag

Paper Bag

Paper Bag

While searching for required stuffs i found a nice smiley badge and i pinned it to the bag which made it to look awesome (purposefully adding the word “awesome”). And also i found the words “The Heat is on” matches to the hot chennai summer. I shall put this bag into test when i go shopping next, ha ha actually when my mom sends me to buy vegetables, that also shopping only no 😉

Moral of the story : No moral an all, i was bit vetti to do and write about it, if you also vetti some time try it yourself once 🙂


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