The so called I Miss You poem

I very rarely write poems mostly in Thamizh but i think this is the very first one which i wrote in english. I actually wrote this while i was terribly missing some one whom now I missed for ever 🙂 Just felt like sharing it here 🙂

It rained the whole day,
I stayed in home as there is no way,
Its the climate which made me lazy,
that made my mind completely go crazy,
All time mom made some hot food,
which taste awesomely good,
The hot food made my stomach feel warm,
but its the heart which froze out of cold,
Its late after the lunch rain subside,
all my heart want is a lonely drive,
While the rain still drizzling cool,
I could feel breeze flow though my soul
Everything around me felt fresh and light,
Except my heart heavy with no delight,
with no destination i rode with eyes on road
and my thoughts on you.
Every thing on the way reminded u my awesome,
from rain drops to yellow blossom,
All i wanted that time is to share a cup of coffee,
Holding your hands and forget about the rest,
i woke up from dream when i crash down the mud,
I laughed out loud at me as i could,
With lots of pain in my heart than in my body,
i returned back home still thinking about you.

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