The One Who Is A Chocolate Boy

This one fellow who i know for so long is called a chocolate boy not because he is sweet and all but because of his love towards chocolate, show him a chocolate and u can see a big smile on his face and his eyes glittering out of joy.

I wad quiet anxious to know when it all started, So i asked the one who know him more than he knows himself, Yes his mom only and she narrated me the following funny incident :D.

When he is around 3 we want him to get admitted in school for L.K.G, So his dad took so much effort to get admission form for one of the best school in north Chennai (Its quiet competitive even to get admission form it seems). But he has to undergo a small interview to get the admission. The day came and we were seated out of the principal’s office and waiting for the interview. Next to us was a parents who were pointing to another kid coming out of principal’s room with chocolate to their kid and said “You will also get chocolate if you answer correctly”. Next was our turn and we went inside the principal room and sat silently. The principal is a father (Its a christian school) and he was very polite. After looking at our admission form he asked my son “Kid What is your name” and my son was keenly looking at the bag of chocolate on the table and replied “Give me chocolate then only i will say my name”. While the principal was smiling politely after hearing the unexpected answer but me and my husband were completely panicked only then i realized this fellow was keenly observing what happened outside. Again principal asked politely “How many chocolate u want” and my son showed his 10 fingers but ended up getting only two chocolates in each hand. I could see a great joy in his face but my husband’s face filled with panic and anger thinking all his effort would fail. Then he answered all the question asked by the principal with ease. Then the principal said that my son got the admission and he also mentioned that my son talk so good and frank in this young age without any fear unlike other kids who gendraly fumble and blessed him. We walked out of the room with a great relief and my son was busy munching the choclate which he got, Since then i see his love for chocolate never went down even today

As many of you might have guesed that awesome kid is me and the above thing was exactly what my mom narated to me and the school was Don Bosco Schoo, Broadway and i studied there till my 2nd std. Even today many used to make fun of me for my love for chocolate but who bothers, I love chocolate and i feel happy when i eat them 😀 . “Munch” is my most fav chocolate, some of my college friends named me “Munch Boy” cos they could see me munching it all the time. If you want some thing to be done just bribe me “Munch” 😀


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