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Mom I Wonder Why – A So Called Poem

Today was simply singing “Amma nan nee perta pillai” (Mom you are the one who gave birth to me) when mom scolded me for some simple thing and she swiftly replied “Nee enakku periya thollai” ( but you are a big trouble to me) ūüėÄ . So i thought i will write something like a poem about my mom today. It need not be mother’s day an all to write about mom na (remember that scene in Gilli Movie), So one “so called poem” for her.

I wonder how you AWESOME gave birth to such a TROUBLESOME(Me).
I wonder how you CARE so much for the most CARELESS.
I wonder how did u manage to ORGANIZE the most UNORGANIZED(Me).
I wonder how u patiently ANSWER and never want me to stop when i keep on asking QUESTIONS.
I wonder how you exactly REMIND me the things which i FORGET.
I wonder how UNLIKE most parents you want me to do what i LIKE.
I wonder how i never get BORED of you food and you never get TIRED of cooking for us.
I wonder how not only ME but also my FRIENDS also love you.
I wonder how you GUESS just by looking into my face that i am in MESS.
I wonder how you show us UNCONDITIONAL love in this CONDITIONAL world.
I wonder how SELFLESS you are when most of them around you are SELFISH.
But with no wonder, My WONDERFUL mom you are a such WONDER.

Dark Is Beautiful

Today is my birthday and so i thought to write some thing unusual, some thing which makes some sense.

Yesterday (26.05.2013) i attended my very fist IndiBloggers meet. Its good to meet lots of bloggers from Chennai. There was introductory session, A sponsor’s session, A skit session which was super fun. But apart from these some spoke about social issues and for social causes. One of it really moved me, Its about a campaign named “Dark Is Beautiful”.

Dark is Beautiful is an awareness campaign that seeks to draw attention to the unjust effects of skin color bias as well as to celebrate the beauty and diversity of all skin tones.

Why this campaign moved me is because i know many close ones who fell inferior at times only because their skin is dark complexioned. I have seen them get hurt and broken when some one make fun of their dark skin color. I have seen them fail trying different fairness products to be fairer and fail thinking that being fairer will give them more confident. But the fault is not only on them its also on us as a Society and also on the media too. Beauty is  always been related to fairness, From movies to those stupid fairness cream adds.

Lets not be biased on skin color, Lets not judge people just on their looks. If possible make them aware of campaigns like this which would motivate them. The below are the links of Dark Is Beautiful and it has stories of many inspiring women who came out of their inferiority complex ignoring all these discrimination.

It reminds me of a tamizh poem which i wrote long back and the last 2 lines added just now.

un manathin unarchigalai maraikum
un mugathirku vannam poosuvathai vida
un manathirku vannam poosu
unnai pool nee irunthal
azhumbothum azhagai therivai
nee yar enbathu veliyil ulla un tholil illai,
aannal unnil ulla theyil irukindrathu.

The translation of the above poem is

Instead of coloring your face which hides the feel of your hear, Color your heart and be your self and You will look beautiful even while u cry. Who you are is not in the skin on you but in the fire in you.

Yet another beautiful thought also came to my mind. In game of chess White may get chance to play the first move but the chance of winning is equal for both, Its all about how we play and not what color we play with ūüôā

Tirupur-Palladam-TopSlip-Coimbatore – An Awesome Trip To Remeber


We remember trips for various reasons, some for place, some for people, some for special moments, some for food, some for surprises, some for enjoyments. What if every thing come together, yes this trip is one such memorable awesome trip.

This trip was planned almost a month ago to attend engagement of Sir Kumaresan  with Sangetha   (20-05-2013) and Marriage reception of Jayabalaji with Archana (21-05-2013). So as planned we all boarded Nilgiri (Blue Mountain) Express on 20-05-2013 night 9.15 pm en routed to Tirupur, Some of us took Cheran Express which started bit late around 10 pm.

Chapter 1 – Tirupur

We all reached Tirupur on 20-05-2013 around 4.30 am, then we reached the lodge near to the ¬†railway station where rooms have already been booked for us. We refreshed ourselves and headed to SirKumaresan’s Engagement with Sangetha. The marriage hall was just 10 mins from the lodge and We had great time there wishing the couple and making fun of them at times, the whole place was filled with smile, laughter and claps and we call this “happy moments”. After having breakfast there and some photo session we made a short visit to our friend Rams a.k.a Ramanathan’s home which is very near to the marriage hall. There we spent some time chitchatting and tasting awesome laddus made by Ram’s mom. Next from there we directed the van straight to SirKumaresan’s Home, There also we did the same chitchatting and had some snacks. But this time this fellow Nigilan made sure that we¬†didn’t¬†eat much because he had arranged lunch for us in his home, and¬†thats¬†where we headed next.

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Chapter 2 – Palladam

After an hour ride from SirKumaresan’s home we reached Nigilan’s ¬†home in Palladam. He had already invited us for his home for lunch. While awesome lunch was being served to some of us, I was impatiently waiting outside. In the mean time ¬†our another friend Vadivelan who is a very good artist started sketching Nigilan’s Father, The drawing came really well and Nigilan’s dad penned down a poem¬†immediately to¬†appreciate his talent and to thank him. Some of us who already had their lunch came out with their stomach full and unable to move, made me to think is there any food left inside for me to eat :P. Now its my turn, The banana leaf (traditionally food is served on banana leaves) is completely filled with various food items which are all awesomely tasty especially the chicken curry. Nigilan and his mother made sure that we eat to out maximum and only stop when there is no more enough space in stomach to fill more. Thanks a lot to Nigilan and his parents for such awesome food and their hospitality, even i felt that we troubled them bit more as it is not that easy to cook for 25 people. We left their home with both heart and stomach fully filled to our next destination and we call this part “awesome people and food” ūüôā .

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Chapter 3 – TopSlip

Our next destination is TopSlip which is some 3hrs from Nigilan’s home, the whole ride i was burping and was induced with sleep, like a python which¬†swallowed some heavy meal. The route which we took was via Pollachi, the whole route is scenic with coconut trees and wind turbines. Once we reached there around 5pm we refreshed ourselves in the¬†dormitory¬†which was already booked for us. After having some coffee (some had tea) we rushed to catch the van which will leave around 5:30 to the elephant camp where they feed them. After some 10Km ride on the mountain roads and sighting some monkeys and deer we reached the elephant camp. Once we reached the guide pointed us an¬†majestic¬†elephant and said its name is Kalema and its an kumki (trained elephants which are uses to drive out wild elephants into forest). Then we saw huge amount of food ¬†being feed to elephants and took some pics of it. There is one small calm elephant which was named Abinaya, i gathered all my courage to touch it and take some pics standing next to it. It was dark when we¬†returned and we also bit lucky to spot some black big deer on the way. After relaxing some time in the dormitory¬†¬†we left to have our dinner.

Some times some good things happen because of some bad things and the bad thing this time is a power cut, While we entered the canteen to have our dinner the power went off suddenly, so candles was lighted on the table but this time we cant call it “Candle Light Dinner”. While we were waiting for our dinner me, Uttam anna and BUDDY jaisree started discussing a plot for new ghost/horror story, It was seriously super fun for me and Uttam anna but this BUDDY got really frightened hearing those stories, what came to rescue her is food. I was totally surprised when i went out after having the food, the tree which was looking normal is now look like as if it was decorated with lights for¬†Christmas, suddenly a cool breeze blew and some of those light moved out of the tree, the scene was magical it took some time for me to realize that those lights where fire flies. This Buddy caught one fire fly on her hand and i managed to take a pic of it, just the light of it. It was completely dark, breezy,cool and¬†drizzling ¬†while we walked to the¬†dormitory, i don’t have words to express that experience, just an unidentified joy in me and my heart felt light.

With no power and no mood to sleep we all decided to play antakshari¬†for a long time, the funniest part in it was when Vasanth sang “Alla Alla Kuraiyuthada” for “Solla Solla Inikuthada”. We all broke into laughter when we heard it, Think he is still remembering the lunch at Nigilan’s home. I feel asleep around 12am but the guys continued the play till 1am.Still the power hasn’t turned back, In spite of sleeping late most of us woke up early around 5am and started playing cricket after a small warm up session by Kishore anna. There is no water even to bath as there is no power for a long time. Phew Phew atlast power and water is back around 8am and we all took bath (except Vasanth :p) and got ready to the next destination.

Next we headed to Parambikulam Dam which is again some 10Km from where we stayed. We have to leave our van in Kerala check post and have to board the allotted jungle safari van, It costs around 150 per person for the safari. Again its super scenic when we ride through the mountain roads, we spotted and clicked some Deer, Monkeys, Wild Cow. But the real highlight is to spot some peacocks. It was very spectacular to see one dancing with its feathers wide open, and it looked as if it was dancing for us and it danced till our van moved. We stopped in a hotel where we all had Dosas for ¬†breakfast and headed to the dam. When we are back after sighting Dam and some nice views in the middle we again got lucky to spot a group of Elephants near the banks of the river. We also saw the famous Kannimara¬†Teak which is one of the oldest and biggest living Natural Teak tree. It is round 450 years old with 49.5 meters height and girth of 6.8 meters, It also won the Mahavriksha Puraskar award from Govt of India.¬†Now we again back to Kerala check post and back to our van and headed back to our next destination Coimbatore. We might have spent little time in TopSlip but we can call this as “Moments of¬†Total¬†Enjoyments”. On the way back we stopped in Pollachi to have some thing very special to that place which is Pollachi Elani (tender coconut water), Had couple of them which are sweet and tasty, Felt like “Achievement Unlocked” ūüėõ ūüôā

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Chapter 4 – Coimbatore

Its already around 4pm when we reached Coimbatore after a long drive from TopSlip and we are yet to have our Lunch. As usual rooms are pre booked in a lodge in Oppanakara Veethi, so we went there to freshen ourselves and had lunch (yes i know its too late to call it as lunch) in a hotel next to the lodge. I made sure that i eat little less because i was aware that we will be having our dinner soon at Jayabalaji and Archana’s wedding reception. After our so called lunch we had quiet some time for the reception, so me, Uttam anna and Buddy decided to go around for a walk. I think this Oppanakara street is Ranganathan steet of Coimbatore, Its filled with lots of textile showrooms,¬†jewelleries and commercial establishments. Alter loitering for some time in the streets and around we went inside a small textile shop just for window shopping, It turned out to be a surprise because Uttam anna and buddy started looking at the dresses there and selected me couple of shirts which are far away from my too monotonous dressing style for a change. Some time changes are good rite :P, So I liked both the shirts and got them. Then we went back to the lodge, got ready and left to Jayabalaji’s Marriage Reception. This Marriage Hall is quiet near ans we reached there after some 5 mins of walk. We spent some time chit chatting and making fun of couple while they were giving different poses for the photographs.As our office customary we made Jayabalaji to kneel down and give flower to Archana, and enjoyed seeing lots of laughter and shyness in both their faces, we can add this to “Happy Moments”. After a group pic we had our dinner, I also want to attend their marriage next day, but unfortunately have to leave back to Chennai the same day. So we went back to the lodge and packed all our luggage and took a bus to the railway station.

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We boarded the Cheran Express and it started around 10.20pm and safely reached  chennai around 6.30am (22-05-2013).

We cannot be without acknowledging the efforts of the organizers Jayashree(Buddy) and Muthukkumar anna in organizing this trip, taking care of all ticket booking, transport and stay etc. And also be without crediting Kishore Anna, Uttam Anna and Rams for their awesome clicks which will keep this trip memorable for ever.

There is a famous saying that “Great trips are not only made because of the place you visit, But also because of the people who you travel with” and it turned out to be very true in this trip. Its definitely an Awesome Trip To Remember ūüôā .

A Friend, A Restaurant and Fb Likes

Me and couple of my best buddies like a nice restaurant which has both good food and different ambiance which i like, It is quiet new and just completed their 1st year.  We celebrated both their birthdays there and one of them really became patron of the restaurant, I am not going either mention the names of my friends nor the restaurant for a reason and I will definitely write a separate post on the restaurant soon.

One more thing i like about the restaurant apart from their food and ambiance is their social media engagement with their customers. They click their customers happy moments in the restaurant and post it in their Facebook Page. They also periodically post new offers and new additions in their menu in their page. On behalf of their 1st year completion they offered many contests and offers, and that is where the story starts.

One of such contest is the “happy moments clicked in the restaurant”¬†pic which get maximum likes wins a gift voucher and this contest attracted my “patron of the¬†restaurant” friend who always gets¬†attracted¬†towards offers and contests other than getting attracted to food ( he/she is also a good cook and food reviewer ūüėõ ). So he/she wanted our happy moment pic which was posted on their page to get more number of likes and win the contest, now he/she is in hunt for likes for that pic. As a part of the hunt he/she also asked me to make my friends like the pic and i too tied my level best to get few likes. But i also noticed one thing when i ask my friends to like the pic they ask me about the details of the contest and the¬†restaurant. After hearing about the restaurant some even went to try the food there. This small contest by the restaurant shows their good social media marketing strategy through witch they could reach many. This also created a new interest in me to learn about social media marketing.

Thats all folks, story over. Thanks for reading ūüôā

The one with an unique french spelling name

I feel this week ends are cool and and nice time to write blog posts when you are super vetti (jobless) and nothing to do. Most of the people who know me well would have came to an¬†conclusion¬†that this post is about me just by the title and skip reading this one¬†because they would have heard this story umpty nuber of times from me before, and others continue reading if you want to know me well ūüėõ

I am one of the¬†quiet few both lucky/unlucky ones who have an unique name, or i would better say a name with an unique spelling. So this all started when i was born, I was born in Pondicherry where the law is that the name of the baby should be registered before the mother is discharged out of the hospital. In an hurry my parents consulted an astrologer who said my name should start with “go”, “ko” etc and its my mom who suggested the name “gokulan“, the other fun part is my grandma¬†suggested “gopal”, “kovalan” an all :D. So the name was written in tamizh in the name registration form as “ŗģēŗĮčŗģēŗĮĀŗģ≤ŗģ©ŗĮć” by my parents, ¬†but where every thing changed was when the registrar wrote my name in English on the Birth¬†Certificate¬†in French Spelling as “GOKOULANE“. There is a practice in Pondicherry ¬†writing the names in French Spelling and this Language¬†India¬†Research¬†talks about it. For a long time my parents thought the English name in my birth¬†certificate pronounce the same as the tamizh name they¬†intended, so they never thought of changing the spelling and all.So no wonder why many ask me whether spelling of my name is changed cos of numerology an all and every time i narrate the same above story.

It was in my school where i¬†recognized that my name actually¬†pronounces very different than how my mom used to call me in home. I used to get irritated when some of my school friends used to make fun out of it, Some used to make fun by the literal meaning of the last 4 letters in my a¬†name “lane“. I still remember my school librarian KannanSir used to call me like “go-cow-laane”, But later think around 9th standard i started loving my name cos its different from others. I used to write my name almost everywhere i could, Backside of books and notebooks, on CDs, on my¬†belongings, on school bench, on tv, on mirror etc, especially the last 4 letters of my name.

I always feel the name is so unique as me :P, I used to get e-mail ids, user names just with my name (no adding birth year,¬†underscore, dot and all) in all website i ever tried and¬†even¬†Google indexed my name,¬†u see not many used to get that :P. I have got noticed in many places just because this name, This name once i hated and thought negative had added many¬†positives in my life and also in me. After my schooling i started using my name with my dad’s name¬†ie, as “Gokoulane Ravi” instead of “R.Gokoulane” not only cos i love him so much but it gave me a great feel of strength and support when his name is next to mine and an indication that i am nothing with out him ūüôā .

Katana – The Killer Sword

Katana means cutting edge up, Its a single edged traditional japanese swords mostly used by ancient japanese samurais, you might have seen similar one used by one of the ninja turtles. It requires a great craftsmanship to create one, From traditionally smelting of iron to forging to polishing is no easy job needs a great expertise, which make it the best sword in the word and more superior than the other. A trained katana warrior can cut a man into two with just a single blow which is possible because of both strength and sharpness of the sword. Nothing other than the below video can explain How Katana Sword Is Made and the science behind it. Its quiet a long one but i am sure it will amuse you.

Me, Terrace & Night Sky

Yesterday i returned home bit late from office say around 9.30, The moment i start to have my dinner all of sudden the power went off (unannounced power cut are very usual in Tamil Nadu). As its hot in summer my parents left to terrace to get some air asking me also to join them post my dinner. The moment i finished my dinner under the dim emergency lamp i rushed to terrace as it was dam hot inside home without fan running. I¬†wasn’t feeling well that day both mentally and physically. The moment i went there my parents were simply talking and discussing on family issues as usual while i sigh looking up the very clear sky with many many dazzling¬†starts and the following, my fav lines by Bharathi¬†running through my mind which means “with your dark blue saree and diamond ornaments¬†resemble midnight sky filled with stars.”

Pattu karuneela — pudavai
Padhitha nalvayiram

Natta nadunisiyil — theriyum

The night sky scene was such a stress buster, I could feel my mental stress relieving out of me bit by bit, Then i lie down on my mom’s lap and started counting those stars and identifying my¬†favorite¬†constellations. I¬†don’t¬†even remember when i did that last . Then i started furiously discussing about some of my disappointments w.r.t to work with both of them. My mom was as usual very supportive and using all consoling words and all making me sure that things will be all right soon, but my dad asusual did his mocking at times and made fun of me, I should learn from him how to take things lighter :). We kept on talking for more than an hour and half but still the power hasn’t come back. My parents said they were feeling sleepy and they went down, but i decided to stay back for some more time. I played some of my fav instrumentals in my phone and was staring at the night sky and the twinkling stars for a while. Felt a great relief and peace inside me which automatically induced some sleep. So i went down to my room and closed my eyes to end my day. ūüôā

Mayakura Poovasam

Mayakura Poovasam is one of my most fav song from Sean Roldan & Friends which is a contemporary Indian music band ūüôā

Sean Roldan – Vocals, Pradeep Vijay – Guitars; Mani – Bass; Praveen – Percussion


Mayakura poo vasam, Mayil onu varum neram.
Manasula aagaayam, Ilamaiku oru kayam.
Irudhaya thudipil orunimida idaiveli, Uyirae poguthey.
Azgaiya sirukki nee enakku thalaivali, Ekkam eruthey.

Thanimaye kadantha kaalam, Elamayae vasantha kaalam.

Adikkira kaathaala, Parakudhu un sela.
Adhisaya poomala, Vizugudhu en mela.
Padhinettu vayasu paruva kili parakudhu, Usire pogudhey.

Thanimaye kadantha kaalam,Elamayae vasantha kaalam.

Maman manasa parichayae kiliyae ….

Enjoy listening ūüôā ‚̧

May Day

Today is May Day or Workers Day or Labor Day which is widely celebrated around the world on May 1 to respect and celebrate the work of workers around the world and also to spread the awareness on their rights and prevent them from being exploited  and to encourage Labor Movements and Labor Unions etc.

The below¬†Google Doodle of the day is super #win. It shows every great things are built by hard working workers, Even Google ūüôā

labor day

labor day

I would also like to share the following excerpt from vyasa mahabharatha which was quoted by one of my favorite philosophical speaker Mr Suki Sivam on a morning talk show today with context with the day.

When krishna was acting as a charioteer for arjuna while the war of¬†Kurukshetra he saw thick and sticky¬†saliva forced out of his horse’s mouth which is a sign of dehydration, He¬†immediately¬†stopped the horse and gives the horses required food, water and rest in middle of such a ferocious battle.

The moral of the above story is very simple, Even if you are god do the work on the way it should be done and the way that justifies your role (in this case the role of a charioteer).

Lets respect others work, and not take credit for someone’s work. Lets not forget to appreciate or¬†at least¬†acknowledge¬†others work. Lets try our best to support and give helping hands to some one who fumbles. Let not only respect others work but also respect ours. Let us feel content, happy and proud on what we do, no work is inferior. Lets not exploit others and Lets not get exploited. happy workers day ūüôā