May Day

Today is May Day or Workers Day or Labor Day which is widely celebrated around the world on May 1 to respect and celebrate the work of workers around the world and also to spread the awareness on their rights and prevent them from being exploited  and to encourage Labor Movements and Labor Unions etc.

The below Google Doodle of the day is super #win. It shows every great things are built by hard working workers, Even Google 🙂

labor day

labor day

I would also like to share the following excerpt from vyasa mahabharatha which was quoted by one of my favorite philosophical speaker Mr Suki Sivam on a morning talk show today with context with the day.

When krishna was acting as a charioteer for arjuna while the war of Kurukshetra he saw thick and sticky saliva forced out of his horse’s mouth which is a sign of dehydration, He immediately stopped the horse and gives the horses required food, water and rest in middle of such a ferocious battle.

The moral of the above story is very simple, Even if you are god do the work on the way it should be done and the way that justifies your role (in this case the role of a charioteer).

Lets respect others work, and not take credit for someone’s work. Lets not forget to appreciate or at least acknowledge others work. Lets try our best to support and give helping hands to some one who fumbles. Let not only respect others work but also respect ours. Let us feel content, happy and proud on what we do, no work is inferior. Lets not exploit others and Lets not get exploited. happy workers day 🙂


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