Me, Terrace & Night Sky

Yesterday i returned home bit late from office say around 9.30, The moment i start to have my dinner all of sudden the power went off (unannounced power cut are very usual in Tamil Nadu). As its hot in summer my parents left to terrace to get some air asking me also to join them post my dinner. The moment i finished my dinner under the dim emergency lamp i rushed to terrace as it was dam hot inside home without fan running. I wasn’t feeling well that day both mentally and physically. The moment i went there my parents were simply talking and discussing on family issues as usual while i sigh looking up the very clear sky with many many dazzling starts and the following, my fav lines by Bharathi running through my mind which means “with your dark blue saree and diamond ornaments resemble midnight sky filled with stars.”

Pattu karuneela — pudavai
Padhitha nalvayiram

Natta nadunisiyil — theriyum

The night sky scene was such a stress buster, I could feel my mental stress relieving out of me bit by bit, Then i lie down on my mom’s lap and started counting those stars and identifying my favorite constellations. I don’t even remember when i did that last . Then i started furiously discussing about some of my disappointments w.r.t to work with both of them. My mom was as usual very supportive and using all consoling words and all making me sure that things will be all right soon, but my dad asusual did his mocking at times and made fun of me, I should learn from him how to take things lighter :). We kept on talking for more than an hour and half but still the power hasn’t come back. My parents said they were feeling sleepy and they went down, but i decided to stay back for some more time. I played some of my fav instrumentals in my phone and was staring at the night sky and the twinkling stars for a while. Felt a great relief and peace inside me which automatically induced some sleep. So i went down to my room and closed my eyes to end my day. 🙂


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