The one with an unique french spelling name

I feel this week ends are cool and and nice time to write blog posts when you are super vetti (jobless) and nothing to do. Most of the people who know me well would have came to an conclusion that this post is about me just by the title and skip reading this one because they would have heard this story umpty nuber of times from me before, and others continue reading if you want to know me well 😛

I am one of the quiet few both lucky/unlucky ones who have an unique name, or i would better say a name with an unique spelling. So this all started when i was born, I was born in Pondicherry where the law is that the name of the baby should be registered before the mother is discharged out of the hospital. In an hurry my parents consulted an astrologer who said my name should start with “go”, “ko” etc and its my mom who suggested the name “gokulan“, the other fun part is my grandma suggested “gopal”, “kovalan” an all :D. So the name was written in tamizh in the name registration form as “கோகுலன்” by my parents,  but where every thing changed was when the registrar wrote my name in English on the Birth Certificate in French Spelling as “GOKOULANE“. There is a practice in Pondicherry  writing the names in French Spelling and this Language India Research talks about it. For a long time my parents thought the English name in my birth certificate pronounce the same as the tamizh name they intended, so they never thought of changing the spelling and all.So no wonder why many ask me whether spelling of my name is changed cos of numerology an all and every time i narrate the same above story.

It was in my school where i recognized that my name actually pronounces very different than how my mom used to call me in home. I used to get irritated when some of my school friends used to make fun out of it, Some used to make fun by the literal meaning of the last 4 letters in my a name “lane“. I still remember my school librarian KannanSir used to call me like “go-cow-laane”, But later think around 9th standard i started loving my name cos its different from others. I used to write my name almost everywhere i could, Backside of books and notebooks, on CDs, on my belongings, on school bench, on tv, on mirror etc, especially the last 4 letters of my name.

I always feel the name is so unique as me :P, I used to get e-mail ids, user names just with my name (no adding birth year, underscore, dot and all) in all website i ever tried and even Google indexed my name, u see not many used to get that :P. I have got noticed in many places just because this name, This name once i hated and thought negative had added many positives in my life and also in me. After my schooling i started using my name with my dad’s name ie, as “Gokoulane Ravi” instead of “R.Gokoulane” not only cos i love him so much but it gave me a great feel of strength and support when his name is next to mine and an indication that i am nothing with out him 🙂 .


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