A Friend, A Restaurant and Fb Likes

Me and couple of my best buddies like a nice restaurant which has both good food and different ambiance which i like, It is quiet new and just completed their 1st year.  We celebrated both their birthdays there and one of them really became patron of the restaurant, I am not going either mention the names of my friends nor the restaurant for a reason and I will definitely write a separate post on the restaurant soon.

One more thing i like about the restaurant apart from their food and ambiance is their social media engagement with their customers. They click their customers happy moments in the restaurant and post it in their Facebook Page. They also periodically post new offers and new additions in their menu in their page. On behalf of their 1st year completion they offered many contests and offers, and that is where the story starts.

One of such contest is the “happy moments clicked in the restaurant” pic which get maximum likes wins a gift voucher and this contest attracted my “patron of the restaurant” friend who always gets attracted towards offers and contests other than getting attracted to food ( he/she is also a good cook and food reviewer 😛 ). So he/she wanted our happy moment pic which was posted on their page to get more number of likes and win the contest, now he/she is in hunt for likes for that pic. As a part of the hunt he/she also asked me to make my friends like the pic and i too tied my level best to get few likes. But i also noticed one thing when i ask my friends to like the pic they ask me about the details of the contest and the restaurant. After hearing about the restaurant some even went to try the food there. This small contest by the restaurant shows their good social media marketing strategy through witch they could reach many. This also created a new interest in me to learn about social media marketing.

Thats all folks, story over. Thanks for reading 🙂


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