Dark Is Beautiful

Today is my birthday and so i thought to write some thing unusual, some thing which makes some sense.

Yesterday (26.05.2013) i attended my very fist IndiBloggers meet. Its good to meet lots of bloggers from Chennai. There was introductory session, A sponsor’s session, A skit session which was super fun. But apart from these some spoke about social issues and for social causes. One of it really moved me, Its about a campaign named “Dark Is Beautiful”.

Dark is Beautiful is an awareness campaign that seeks to draw attention to the unjust effects of skin color bias as well as to celebrate the beauty and diversity of all skin tones.

Why this campaign moved me is because i know many close ones who fell inferior at times only because their skin is dark complexioned. I have seen them get hurt and broken when some one make fun of their dark skin color. I have seen them fail trying different fairness products to be fairer and fail thinking that being fairer will give them more confident. But the fault is not only on them its also on us as a Society and also on the media too. Beauty is  always been related to fairness, From movies to those stupid fairness cream adds.

Lets not be biased on skin color, Lets not judge people just on their looks. If possible make them aware of campaigns like this which would motivate them. The below are the links of Dark Is Beautiful and it has stories of many inspiring women who came out of their inferiority complex ignoring all these discrimination.



It reminds me of a tamizh poem which i wrote long back and the last 2 lines added just now.

un manathin unarchigalai maraikum
un mugathirku vannam poosuvathai vida
un manathirku vannam poosu
unnai pool nee irunthal
azhumbothum azhagai therivai
nee yar enbathu veliyil ulla un tholil illai,
aannal unnil ulla theyil irukindrathu.

The translation of the above poem is

Instead of coloring your face which hides the feel of your hear, Color your heart and be your self and You will look beautiful even while u cry. Who you are is not in the skin on you but in the fire in you.

Yet another beautiful thought also came to my mind. In game of chess White may get chance to play the first move but the chance of winning is equal for both, Its all about how we play and not what color we play with 🙂


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