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Small is Big – A Thought

In recent CBC meet i unintentionally uttered the words “Small Is Big” while introducing myself. Since then i was thinking too deep on it, How small can be big ? Is small bigger than the big ? and lots of other questions in me.

I have seen people who always want to achieve big and have seen them ignoring small happiness and small achievements. I am not saying not to aim big, but at the same time lets also rejoice those small moments of happiness, celebrate those small achievements. They act as motivational factor, they help you to forget pain, they make you smile. Never forget the people who did small help to you when you reach high, they might not have laid road and created a path for you, but their little hands would have saved you from stone and thorn on your paths.

Below is my answer for the question How “Small is Big”, tried to put some relevant images 🙂 and all images are taken from various sources and none of them are my own.

When small smile can force you smile back when you sad,
When small little drops of tears from your beloved make you feel,
Then Small is Big.

When small kid’s babble make you forget big worries,
When small pat on your back make you achieve big,
Then Small is Big.

When small thoughts could change you,
When small changes could bring big results,
Then Small is Big.

When small things teach you great lessons,
When small ideas could change world,
Then Small is Big.

When small sharing make feel togetherness,
When small caring heal big wounds,
Then Small is Big.

When small things together make big things,
When smallest thing in world is still a big quest for man,
Then Small is what makes Big.

When small help at time without expectation is bigger than everything else ,[Thirukural]
Then small is Bigger than the Big.

The one who went to planetarium – A wish come true

I was one of the unfortunate kid who missed good chances to go to Birla Planetarium and Peiyar Science and Technology park during my school days, since then it has been an unfulfilled wish for a very long time. There was many times I plan to go there and forget about it later. It was due for a very long time to visit there, even after I finished my college and joined work. One day while I was talking to my BUDDY and BOSS (not my boss but we call him that way) at work randomly this thing topic came in middle and we deicide that we will visit there in weekend. Even though we planned for a visit we ended up visiting there twice and the story as follows.

 Before the story some information about the place,

It was established in the year 1988 and maintained by TamilNadu Science and Technology Centre with a core aim of popularizing science and technologies among the general public in the urban and rural areas. It is located on Gandhi Mandapam Road and very near to Guindy Park, IIT Madras, Anna University, Madras University Guindy Campus and Anna Centenary Library. Nearest railway stations are KasthuriBhai Nagar (MRTS) and Kotturpuram (MRTS)  [Source:Wikipedia]



It has got science parks and galleries themed Physical Science, Transport, Electronics & Communication, Energy, Materials Science, Life Science, Innovation, International Dolls and Children with lots of exhibits which would amuse kids if they are interested in science and stuffs, Unfortunately they weren’t properly maintained and most of them doesn’t even work.  It also has a small 3D theater, but the short movies (10 mins) which they screen looks like late 80’s game animations. The galleries are open from 10 am to 5.45 pm and they charge fee of  Rs.45 for adults and Rs.25 for children as a package which includes access to Science Center Galleries, Science Park, 3D Theater and Planetarium. Updated timings for Planetarium shows are as follows.


10.30 am

02.30 pm


12.00 pm

01.15 pm

03.15 pm

04.30 pm

Next is the planetarium building. It has a planetarium theater and a circumferential hall of fame around the theater where lots of exhibits related to space are displayed. The air-conditioned planetarium theater got a capacity of 236 but unfortunately some seats where broken. It is equipped with two different kind of projectors, one is a old OptoMechanical GOTO GM II starfield projector (they are also called as Zeiss Projectors) and the another is a new digital spherical mirror dome projector. And that’s the reason why we visited there twice.

Birla Planetarium Entrance

Birla Planetarium Entrance

When we visited there for the first time (on 08.06.2013) we could get tickets only for the 4.30 show in which they used the digital projector. The show was good and it was about chances of extra terrestrial life, but was quiet disappointed that we could experience the starfield projector which we were expecting. While we exit we made up our mind that we will visit again shortly and see the starfield projector in action.

After couple of weeks (on 22.06.2013) we visited there again and made sure that we got tickets for the 2.30 show which uses starfield projector. The show was good and it was in Tamil, This time it was all about telescopes and how different type of telescopes helped mankind to explore space an all. While i was there i could revisit myself, when i was a science enthusiastic kid during my school days, was looking at the dome with my eyes wide open recollecting lots of things like moons of Jupiter and Saturn, working principle of Newtonian Telescope etc.

GOTO GMII Statfield Projector

GOTO GMII Statfield Projector

It was indeed a good experience to be there. Happy that one of my long time wish got fulfilled. I also wish that the Science Park and Planetarium gets updated and maintained properly by the government, If so it would attract many visitors and play a vital role in creating interest and awareness on science and technologies.

One Who Widened His Ears – A Note On World Music Day

Today (21-06-2013) is World Music Day, Though it was first started to celebrate in France in 1982 to celebrate music and musicians later it got spread all over the word. Main goal of this day is to promote all genres of music  and make it accessible to all. So wish all music lovers a Happy World Music Day and lets thank the musicians who give us great pieces of music .

Clicked By Me - Happy World Music Day

Clicked By Me – Happy World Music Day

I fall in the category most fall in, The category who doesn’t know anything about music but love, listen and rejoice in it for ever. Music is some thing which accompanied me the most when I felt lonely, Its some thing which gave energy when I was down. It put me to sleep some times, It woke me up from sleep some times. It helped me to concentrate, and It distracted me too. It induced lots of love and other feelings in me. Listening to it some time created wounds and made it worse, some times it heals wounds or at least helped me forget the pain. It also made me to annoy people next to me, one can spot me singing worse with wrong lyrics, tapping the table with wrong beats and headphones plugged tight to my ears.

“For me music is like an unspoken language, It’s the sound of nature, If you listen carefully there is music in every thing. There is only one way to understand and enjoy music, You just have to keep listening, There is so much to hear.”

Those above awesome words are from one of my favorite  World Space Radio Add featuring A.R.Rahman sir, It also make me to wonder whether is there anything like good and bad music or it’s all about our likes and taste.I am a big A.R.Rahman fan since my childhood, ever since I started listening to Roja and Uyirae non stop repeat in the audio cassette player we had.

Until couple of years ago the only music i listen to is film music and mostly rahman, My ears were so narrow when it comes to music. Later i got exposed to some Contemporary Indian Music bands and some Independent Musicians and started listening to them. I really liked their music, their music sounded very fresh to me and was quiet different from what i used to hear. Each played different genres and some awesomely fuse Indian traditional and folk music with international sounds, Listening to them also refined my taste towards listening music. The growth of Social Media really helped those Bands and Independent Musicians to reach  more audiences than the past. But i could still see lack of support for them, might be because they are not much exposed by media or most of our ears are still narrow to film music alone. Lets widen our ears and welcome their music too, you might feel their music surpasses your ears and reach your hears. Lets also support and encourage the spirit of Independent Music and Independent Musicians.

In continuation to this post i will also write more posts on my favorite bands and musicians in the near future under the category Contemporary Indian Music. “Without music, life would be a mistake” so keep listening, Be Happy 🙂

The One Who Went For The Coastal Cleanup – An Experience

As I mentioned in one of my previous post following is my experience on Chennai coastal cleanup 4.

Its never tough for me to wake up early in the morning, but was totally shocked yesterday (16-06-2013 ) morning when my sister who usually wake up late on Sunday mornings woke up early on her own and said she will also join me for the clean up. So as planned we both left home around 5AM.

 We reached the assembling point which is thalapakatti restaurant in eliots beach where we meet the NOBEL man who lead the broken bridge group of the cleanup. He gave us instructions about collecting different kinds of wastes and asked us to collect them separately, They also Hand gloves and collecting bags, and we all marched toward the Broken Bridge area.

garbage types

garbage types

When we reached there every one is assigned to collect only one kind of waste, My sister was asked to collect thin plastic and I was asked to collect Other waste.  For once I thought this place is dumping ground for all washed away foot wears, Glass wool (used for insulation in  refrigerators)  and thermocol, There was so much of them and one bad thing is that they come under Other Waste category which cannot be recyclable.

When millions were still sleeping on their Sunday morning , When most of them didn’t even start cleaning their home, Its awesome to see few thousand (5000+) volunteers woke up early and came to clean the shores of Chennai. I could see people of all age groups, They might be a beach lover like me or a green crusader or nature lover or the one who just want to do some thing good to the society or small kids who  turned up because their parents did.  They all worked with lots of involvement and energy, and as usual I got inspired by them. I individually collected 4 bags of Other wastes and my sister collected 1 bag of Light Plastic and 1 Bag of other wastes, We together collected a bag of Other waste at the end. After two hours of continuous cleaning we are asked to stop. Every one was happy and proud about what they did, We clapped our hands and shout out of joy and took a group picture at the end. Then a human chain was formed to pass those bags from the beach to the road so that the pickup trucks can collect them.  We happily returned home with lots of tiredness in body and with a content that we did something useful today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last year 17.6 tones of waste were collected by 2369 volunteers, But this time its 36.7 tones by 5000+ volunteers. Its really an great achievement. I wish the volunteers count go up and the waste count reduces in the future clean-ups. More than that its all not about cleaning for just a day and forget the rest. The important moral of the story is never litter waste and dispose them properly so that environment we live doesn’t get affected.

When they return home some of their parents might ask “Sunday early  morning enga poi porikittu vara” and their kids will proudly answer “Beachku poi kuppa porukittu varen” with their heads up, Ha Ha just for fun.

Evening After Summer Rain – A So Called Poem

Rain Through Glass Walls - Photo Courtesy : Aswin Yogesh

Rain Through Glass Walls – Photo Courtesy : Aswin Yogesh

Rain is one of few things which excite me a lot. And I am such a rain lover.
My yet another experiment with poetry. Yet another So Called Poem.

In my office looking through those glass walls,
I see those giant dark clouds , hoping the rain falls.

I look at those clouds like kid look at a candy shop,
Hoping it gets over, my craving for rain drop.

The very first rain of summer starts pouring heavy to cool the land,
Inside the glass walls, I miss the smell of sand and drops on hand.

Sound of rain made me to sing songs along,
Hope the pour lasted much long.

Enough I said to those glass walls,
Time has come for me, To ride back home.

Clouds are dark while it still drizzle,
And I felt the cold breeze cut me like a chisel.

The breeze blew stronger and more cooler,
Portraying few purest acts of love and rejoice.

A mom covered and held her baby close to protect,
While a small girl shouts of excitement hugging her dad tight.

Couples on the ride gave no space between, Breeze the looser,
I pity on you, your every attempt made them only closer.

Even vehicles celebrated their own holi,
Splashing water on each other in jolly.

Rain, I wonder you come from where,
But you induce love and joy, make me feel heaven here.

The One Who Is Deaf and Dumb – A Nostalgia

There are some incidents from my past which affected me a lot and this is one such incident. When i used to be in Thiruvottiyur I used to travel to my office by MTC bus which was in Theynampet. As the buses are fully loaded most of the time most days i used to go by standing all the way, But that day i was quiet lucky to get a seat that too window seat.As usual I opened a book (I don’t remember what book it was) start reading and plugged my noise isolation headphones in to ears and start listening to music.

I got myself completely immersed into the book and music. After some time i felt some one next to me was calling me, When i turned it was a small school boy with a small bag on his lap, I also noticed a hearing aid on his ears. So after reading the title if you guess he is the deaf then you are wrong.

He gave me a broad smile filled with cuteness and innocence, then he asked me “Couldn’t you hear me in spite of wearing the hearing aid, I was calling you 2-3 times”. I was confused for a while and at that moment i realized that he was mentioning my headphones and I am the one who is DEAF. He didn’t stop there, he continued “Yours looks better than mine”. I didn’t know what to reply him, I kept silent like a DUMB. After very few minutes his stopping came, He stood up and waved me a big bye bye. I didn’t know whether to smile for his innocence or feel for his challenge, I waved him back and he left the bus.

When ever i want to complain about the quality of my headphones, he is the first one to come to  my mind. When ever i want to complain about anything in my life, he and his broad smile comes to my mind. Lets all better stop complaining about our life and face it with what we have. Take Care 🙂

World Environment Day – My Resolutions

As per the definitions of the Wikipedia today is  World Environment Day (‘WED’) which is celebrated every year on 5 June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action.

When ever I think of Earth, Environment and all the following Native American proverb comes to my mind “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.(lets return it safe)” .  We all have greater responsibilities towards environment and it doesn’t just stop with sharing it with future generations but also sharing the idea of conserving it. If you have kids let them know about this day and its significance.

I think there is nothing like that resolutions are be taken only on New Year day or birthday na, So I thought I will take some on World Environment Day also. Once on a new year day my friend asked me what is my resolution and I replied 800 X 480 ( I know u might want to find me and kill me, so lets ignore it for now ). But this time its not going to be that bad as the above.  Following are my small World Environment Day resolutions.

  • Carry my own bag to shops, so that I could avoid plastic carry bags.
  • Make more of my own paper bags like this and use them in real life rather than just doing one and hanging it on wall for show.
  • Avoid wasting papers by subscribing for e-billing, e-tickets etc.
  • Plant some small plants or shrubs on my terrace and maintain them though out the year (I don’t have space for trees)
  • Buy a new Bi-Cycle and use for short distance transport.Switch off electrical appliances when not in use (Reduces the electricity bill also la)
  • Not to waste water (very precious)
  • Do not litter anywhere (Which I strictly follow even today, all chocolate wrappers in my bag should say this)
  • Try avoiding bottled softdrinks.
World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Every year this World Environment Day has some theme and for this year its “THINK EAT SAVE”, at first I thought that we have to THINK about good budget hotel or restaurant, EAT nicely there and SAVE money, But as usual I was wrong. It is all about not wasting food, because there is lots of energy behind GROWING, PROCESSING and TRANSPORTING food items. Best example of not wasting food can be learn from Sooryavamsam film where Dhevayani make Idli Upma from previous day’s Idlis. Many make fun of my CLEAN eating habit, they also used to say that there is no need to wash my plate after eating, But you have to learn that it is NOT WASTING FOOD. I have seen many who take lots in their plate, eat less and throw down the rest, So lets not do that. Lets also encourage more ORGANIC food than JUNK food.

If you want to do some thing to environment which is not harm and you don’t have time or space for it, Try donating to Project Green Hands which is an initiative by Isha Foundation that aims to increase the green cover of the state of Tamil Nadu and they will plant and maintain tress for you. [Information Courtesy : Sushmitha|CBC]