Chennai Coastal Cleanup

Chennai Coastal Clenup

For me there is no place other than beach for me to relax, I always feel some special attachment with the sea, waves and the breeze. But what disturbs more the beach lovers like me (i am talking about those who love beach not the one who love in beach :p ) are the trash around us, Some times its even tough to find a clean place to sit and rejoice. The only thing we do is to curse the people who litter those trashes, complaining about the city etc. But now we got a small opportunity  to do our part to keep the beaches we love CLEAN.

Chennai Trekking Club partnering with many other organizations and volunteers organizing the 4th Chennai Coastal Cleanup on 16th June 2013. Its aim not only on just cleaning the coastal areas for a day but also bring great social awareness on keeping it clean. This will be my first coastal cleanup (unaware of the past 3 cleanups) and i am so looking forward to it. For more information visit and if you want to register yourself for this cause register at the below link.

Yeah i understand, its Sunday, its early morning and all those excuses but nothing wrong in cleanup in the morning so that you can come back in the evening and rejoice with your family in a much cleaner beach. Hoping to see you there in the cleanup, If you could identify me just say a Hi and give me a Hi5 🙂 I don’t think you will give a reason after seeing the below pic which was clicked during last year cleanup. Even if you couldn’t pass it to your friends.

Chennai Coastal Clenup

Chennai Coastal Cleanup


P.S : It gives me a great content when i write for a cause 🙂 Will also post my experience post the cleanup 🙂


4 thoughts on “Chennai Coastal Cleanup

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    1. gokoulane Post author

      @Imran : correctly said da mama 🙂
      @sushmitha : as i said its not all about one day. just say “not to litter any where outside” to the people you know. 🙂


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