World Environment Day – My Resolutions

As per the definitions of the Wikipedia today is  World Environment Day (‘WED’) which is celebrated every year on 5 June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action.

When ever I think of Earth, Environment and all the following Native American proverb comes to my mind “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.(lets return it safe)” .  We all have greater responsibilities towards environment and it doesn’t just stop with sharing it with future generations but also sharing the idea of conserving it. If you have kids let them know about this day and its significance.

I think there is nothing like that resolutions are be taken only on New Year day or birthday na, So I thought I will take some on World Environment Day also. Once on a new year day my friend asked me what is my resolution and I replied 800 X 480 ( I know u might want to find me and kill me, so lets ignore it for now ). But this time its not going to be that bad as the above.  Following are my small World Environment Day resolutions.

  • Carry my own bag to shops, so that I could avoid plastic carry bags.
  • Make more of my own paper bags like this and use them in real life rather than just doing one and hanging it on wall for show.
  • Avoid wasting papers by subscribing for e-billing, e-tickets etc.
  • Plant some small plants or shrubs on my terrace and maintain them though out the year (I don’t have space for trees)
  • Buy a new Bi-Cycle and use for short distance transport.Switch off electrical appliances when not in use (Reduces the electricity bill also la)
  • Not to waste water (very precious)
  • Do not litter anywhere (Which I strictly follow even today, all chocolate wrappers in my bag should say this)
  • Try avoiding bottled softdrinks.
World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Every year this World Environment Day has some theme and for this year its “THINK EAT SAVE”, at first I thought that we have to THINK about good budget hotel or restaurant, EAT nicely there and SAVE money, But as usual I was wrong. It is all about not wasting food, because there is lots of energy behind GROWING, PROCESSING and TRANSPORTING food items. Best example of not wasting food can be learn from Sooryavamsam film where Dhevayani make Idli Upma from previous day’s Idlis. Many make fun of my CLEAN eating habit, they also used to say that there is no need to wash my plate after eating, But you have to learn that it is NOT WASTING FOOD. I have seen many who take lots in their plate, eat less and throw down the rest, So lets not do that. Lets also encourage more ORGANIC food than JUNK food.

If you want to do some thing to environment which is not harm and you don’t have time or space for it, Try donating to Project Green Hands which is an initiative by Isha Foundation that aims to increase the green cover of the state of Tamil Nadu and they will plant and maintain tress for you. [Information Courtesy : Sushmitha|CBC]


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