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Aadi Sale Aggravate in Monster Scale

If you are not aware of what an “Aadi Sale” is, It is some thing like an end of season stock clearance discount sale which is something very unique to Tamil Nadu and falls on 4th Tamizh month of Aaadi.

The fourth month Aadi is considered inauspicious, so weddings do not often fall in this month. Aadi is also the month of preparation for the next crop cycle by farmers. Therefore, farming communities avoid major events like weddings in this month. Those members of the Tamil community who don’t actively contribute/participate in farming take advantage by having important functions like wedding in this month. For example, the business community prefers this month for weddings. Aadi is usually the worst month for business, although when businesses recently initiated Aadi discounts. [Source : Wikepedia]

Above is some history about the sale. Initially small discounts were given by apparel stores to attract customers and to clear stocks for the upcoming Diwali season, but it has become a plague which spread out of proportion among business community. In recent years home appliances stores, jewelries, mobile phone stores and utensil sores have joined textile stores giving baseless offers like flat 50 – 60 % off, Buy one get one free, cash back, promised gifts etc. Nothing comes without a price, either they increase the price and offer discount or they compromise on quality and push out old stocks. Unfortunately still middle class and lower middle class people fall for this bait for whom it has been lured.

This year it had even spread more, recently saw an add from a Chennai based call taxi company which gives Aadi offer of 10% on fare from 10 am – 4 pm. While i was searching about this offers i hit on a shocking news article titled “Aadi discount for mutton creates tension“. A mutton stall owner in Dindukal district had reduced the price of mutton by 100 Rs. per Kg as Aadi offer :O . These kinds of baseless offers and exploitation on consumers  will never end unless the mass delusion on these offers and obsession on the discounted sales ends.

I wish Aadi offers were given on Petrol, Movie Tickets, Vegetables, Groceries, My Favorite Restaurants, College/School Fees etc. I also request Govt of Tamil Nadu to respect Tamil tradition and give special Aadi offers in TASMAC 😀 😀

A Year Since I Moved – A Visit Back To Thiruvottiyur

Procrastination, posting it almost after a week :).

It has been a year since i moved out of Thiruvottiyur, the place where I grew up. I decided to visit back there to meet my school friends today (21.07.2013) as most of they stayed there and I miserably missed meetup with them yesterday.

Though I planned to start early in the morning  i  started around 11 AM after my late breakfast. I enjoyed the ride as the weather was cloudy, drizzling and there wasn’t much traffic on the route. I saw my favorite Koozh being offered in the Mariamman temple near to Royapuram Kalmandapam, so i parked my bike aside and drank couple of glasses and continued my ride.

As i entered the area I started feeling so happy. Nothing much has changed since i moved, except the roads have been expanded (Thiruvottiyur highroad it seems). To which ever friend’s home i went i was offered something or the other to eat and that resulted overloading my stomach.

First headed to my friend  Rahul’s home and his mom offered me awesome Chicken Briyani and i had them happily :). Then Tea at Tri ‘S’isters (Saranya, Sandhya, Sowmya) home  which is in the same South Mada Street where i was residing. So many nostalgic memories hit my mind as i entered the street, their home is just opposite to mine   there and i used to spend most of my leisure times at their home. Was also so happy to see Sowmya Akka’s new born kid there. Then i headed to Janani’s home where she tested her Coffee brewing skills on me. She is going to get married soon and itseems she is hunting for poor victims like me to test her cooking skills PHEW !!!. Next i visited Rakesh and Thangam Akka home, they were our neighbors for a very long time. I tried but couldn’t avoid having atleast a cup of Tea there because all my excuses were ignored at the instant. Then i went to my friend Imran’s home, Again no room for excuses, Imran got some awesome hot Ramzan Nombu Kanji from near by mosque. It had such a great taste but couldn’t drink more 😦 due to my preoccupied stomach 😀 . I could feel religious harmony of India in my stomach that time, where Marriamman temple Koozh and Ramzan Nombu Kanji got mixed up 🙂 Neither my stomach nor our friendship never felt existence of anything called religion. Then headed straight to Amar’s home where the meetup was planned.Had a very nice time with Amar, Sunil, Amirtha (Sunil’s family doctor :P), Murali, V1 (V.Karthikeyan), Avani and Divya there. It was such a laugh riot there with friends, talking  and laughing about lot of things. Again Coffee at Amar’s home with some Snacks for all of us, I slowly managed to finish it. Then to Amirtha’s home and borrowed Harry Potter book from her (didn’t eat anything there 😀 ). That’s end of my roaming in Thiruvottiyur. I headed straight back home.

On the way back i stopped my bike near my favorite N4 Bridge near Kasimedu fishing harbor, It was dark and i know that its no good to enter now. But i stayed there for few more mins recapping all the awesome relaxing moments there, I it will be the first place i go when i visit there next. While I was nearing Beach Station i reminded myself about one of favorite street food ATHO (a Burmese food famous in north Chennai), It had been ages since i had it,  Though i wanted to have them so badly there is no room in my stomach even for a bit, so this will also be a high priority during my next visit.

When i reached home i got a message from Amar “Eat well and Rest well”, and i replied “Eat? whole day I was doing only that”. Its was such a nice day to remember. Felt happy, so happy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hava Nagila – A Folk Of Joy

Some of you would have watched the below funny scene in “Mozhi” movie in which Prakashraj dance for a song playing in the music player with just a towel around his waist. I was searching that song for a very long time until recently i found it when Prakashraj spoke about the song in one of the TV Reality show.

Its Harry Belefonte version of the “Hava Nagila” and its one of the very famous version of the song and made that song really famous in the 1950’s.

“Hava Nagila” is a very simple 3 stanza Jewish folk song written in Hebrew. Even though this song is very closely associated with Jewish culture, tradition and celebrations, the lyrics of this joyous song has nothing to do with religion and it emphasis only on happiness and rejoice. Below is the lyrics with English translation. [Source : Wikipedia]

Transliteration English translation
Hava nagila Let’s rejoice
Hava nagila Let’s rejoice
Hava nagila ve-nismeḥa Let’s rejoice and be happy
Hava neranenah Let’s sing
Hava neranenah Let’s sing
Hava neranenah ve-nismeḥa Let’s sing and be happy
Uru, uru aḥim! Awake, awake, brothers!
Uru aḥim be-lev sameaḥ Awake brothers with a happy heart
(repeat line four times)
Uru aḥim, uru aḥim! Awake, brothers, awake, brothers!
Be-lev sameaḥ With a happy heart

When i searched more about this song i found this song is so so famous that they made a documentary movie on this song and they names it “Hava Nagila : The Movie“. Below is the trailer of the movie.

I would say the tune of the song is infectious and i started liking it the very first time I started listening to it. The real victims are my family members and my office colleagues, recently they could listen me singing (so called singing) this song loud, and that might be the worst version of the song.

When i searched in YouTube there were many version (both instrumental and vocal) of this song and below are some of my favs.

Fusion Version

André Rieu – Violin and Clatinet (Instrumental)

Baby Let’s dance Version

Guitar Version

Moral of the story : Hava neranenah ve-nismeḥa (lets sing and be happy) and never mind if the listeners are not happy :P.

Poorva Formerly Yodhakaa – Contemporary Indian Music Band

As I mentioned in my World Music Day post that I will be writing a series of posts on some of my favorite Indian Bands and this is the very first of the series. Let me start with the very first band which i started listening to.

POORVA previously known as YODHAKAA is a Contemporary Indian Music band. It is an unique fusion band which fuses traditional texts (Sanskrit and Recently Tamizh) with the music around the world. The have played in major contemporary indian music festivals like MAD Festival. I have been to some of their concerts and it’s a pure pleasure for me to listen to them live. Its one of my most favorite Indian band and being one of their big fan i miss their concerts nowadays, hope and wish they perform more again.

The band is a team of very versatile musicians. The lead singers of the band are Pradeep (a.k.a Trichi Pradeep Kumar) and Susha (a.k.a Subiksha Rangarajan), They both are well known carnatic singers. Pradeep not only sings but also plays guitar and sliding guitar for the band, and He also sang Asai Oru Pulveli (Attakathi) & Mogathirai (Pizza). RaghavendraRaja (a.k.a Sean Roldan, RR) who is yet another well known carnatic singer is also part of the band and plays various instruments next to singing.

performance in TEDxSSN

Thamarum Amarum -Thirupugazh (my favourite)

Listen to their maiden album

Official FB Page

Regret – A Short Story

His name “Shyam” is being called by the receptionist many times,  but there is no response among the group of candidates who turned up for the final round of the interview of one of the best companies to work in the world, so the next one in the list was called in for the interview. Half an hour later a boy entered the waiting area in a hurry, he looked tensed and his face reflected restlessness . He sat in an empty chair and saw the candidates being called one by one for the interview, and was waiting for his turn without knowing that his name “Shyam” was all ready been called and he was late. He just sat calmly staring at the blank wall opposite to him and his mind started playing flashbacks, he thought about his commitment and hard work which put him in this position. Being an average student by mark and from a normal college he managed to get through 7 rounds of very tough interviews were even many toppers from top institutions failed and this is final interview and he is just a step behind his long time dream job in his dream company.

He is the only one seated in the waiting area now, the receptionist  approached him and asked for his name. She checked her list and replied  his name had already been called for and he is late. Hearing this his hopes shattered away and he looked very disappointed and the receptionist  could see it on his face and felt pity on him, so she said “wait will go and check with HR once” and swiftly left the place. A few minutes later she returned with a smile and showed him the way to the interview room. With a little bit of smile back on his face he rushed down the hallway and reached the interview room.

 Mr “Kumar” is the head HR Manager of India for one of the big MNC, he is having a very tiring day at work interviewing many from the morning, its not new to him and he had been doing the same for the past 15 years hiring great minds for the company. He is very much a man of simplicity and discipline, and have earned respect all over the company. Now he is waiting for the last candidate who came late. He had already selected his candidate but just wanted to interview him for the sake of company policy that the candidate turned up for the interview shouldn’t be sent without being interviewed.

“Shyam” knocked the door and the person behind the glass walls signalled him to come it. They both shook hands and “Kumar” introduced himself as Head HR. By his experience he could see bit or restlessness in Shyam which he is trying to hide, Kumar continued even before any words came from Shyam’s mouth “I know you came late to the interview and I wont ask you why, and I also don’t have time to listen to some stupid reasons which you are about to give. I expect basic integrity to be on time from candidates and you failed to show it. You also seemed to be restless and I feel you lack confident too. Sorry to say, we cant hire you and you may leave now”. Shyam look at him for a moment smiled back and said “Thank You Sir” and left the room and also thanked the receptionist on his way back with a false smile.

He felt little bad for loosing the opportunity but he didn’t regret for it, he know he is not going to give up. His mind went on to the incidents which happened today morning on his way to the interview, he thought how guilt he would have felt if he wouldn’t have help her and be to interview on time. He took a bus to the hospital to have check on her status.

He enquired the hospital reception and headed to the ward where she got admitted. He entered the room and saw her lying on bed with lots of bandage on her, then he enquired the police constable who is siting next to her whether they found her parents and informed them and found who hit and run. Constable replied “Yes we found their parents and informed them, and we got the vehicle number from the CCTV footage and sent it across to all signals and check posts and hopefully we will catch him soon”.  While they both talking the door opened and a couple entered the room, they introduced themselves as parents  of the small girl who meet with the accident to the police constable. Mother rushed near her daughter with her eyes filled with tears and the father stood still with surprise looking at Shyam. The constable then pointed Shyam and said “He is the one who admitted your daughter in the hospital when she meet with an accident today morning”. Now Shyam spoke with too much surprise “Mr Kumar is she your daughter, Some one hit and run her near the signal while she was crossing the road, no mistake on her, she crossed on zebra crossing while the signal is on, it’s all because of the bike which over speeded”. Kumar stood dumbstruck with his heads down and no words to speak. Again another police constable entered the hospital room with a guy catching his collar shouting “See what you had done to this little kid u filthy fellow”. Now Kumar couldn’t tolerate, he rushed towards him but again he stuck by surprise. It’s the guy he selected in the interview today morning, It’s the guy who he thought smart, well disciplined , ethical etc., After seeing Kumar’s furiousness on that guy constable took him out of room assuring that proper legal actions will be taken against him.

Kumar held hands of Shyam and thanked him for his help and apologized for the way he behaved in the interview. Shyam smiled back at him and said “Reasons need not be stupid always sir, some times it might be a valid one, Btw take care of your girl” and left the room. Kumar REGRETED for not selecting a wrong one but for rejecting a right one.