Poorva Formerly Yodhakaa – Contemporary Indian Music Band

As I mentioned in my World Music Day post that I will be writing a series of posts on some of my favorite Indian Bands and this is the very first of the series. Let me start with the very first band which i started listening to.

POORVA previously known as YODHAKAA is a Contemporary Indian Music band. It is an unique fusion band which fuses traditional texts (Sanskrit and Recently Tamizh) with the music around the world. The have played in major contemporary indian music festivals like MAD Festival. I have been to some of their concerts and it’s a pure pleasure for me to listen to them live. Its one of my most favorite Indian band and being one of their big fan i miss their concerts nowadays, hope and wish they perform more again.

The band is a team of very versatile musicians. The lead singers of the band are Pradeep (a.k.a Trichi Pradeep Kumar) and Susha (a.k.a Subiksha Rangarajan), They both are well known carnatic singers. Pradeep not only sings but also plays guitar and sliding guitar for the band, and He also sang Asai Oru Pulveli (Attakathi) & Mogathirai (Pizza). RaghavendraRaja (a.k.a Sean Roldan, RR) who is yet another well known carnatic singer is also part of the band and plays various instruments next to singing.

performance in TEDxSSN

Thamarum Amarum -Thirupugazh (my favourite)

Listen to their maiden album

Official FB Page


4 thoughts on “Poorva Formerly Yodhakaa – Contemporary Indian Music Band

  1. Deepak Raghuraman

    Awesome. Didn’t know about this band till date. Thanks for sharing. And Sean Roldan has started a new band and scaling greater heights it seems 🙂 Keep up.. Waiting to know about more unknown / lesser known bands alongside Hamsadhwani, Agam, Indian Ocean, Prem Joshuva.. Recently came to know about a band name called “Muttu Sandhu”. Eagerly waiting for your next post 🙂

  2. Ravi

    Listened to Yodhakaa in Satyam Cinemas, earlier they used to play their songs. Once my employer did a music app for them. Apart from this I am not that mush listening to any Indian bands ( In fact any music or international bands ). Will pick some from your future series.

    1. gokoulane Post author

      Thanks lot ravi 🙂 , Yeah actually its sathyam cinemas which produced their debut album 🙂


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