A Year Since I Moved – A Visit Back To Thiruvottiyur

Procrastination, posting it almost after a week :).

It has been a year since i moved out of Thiruvottiyur, the place where I grew up. I decided to visit back there to meet my school friends today (21.07.2013) as most of they stayed there and I miserably missed meetup with them yesterday.

Though I planned to start early in the morning  i  started around 11 AM after my late breakfast. I enjoyed the ride as the weather was cloudy, drizzling and there wasn’t much traffic on the route. I saw my favorite Koozh being offered in the Mariamman temple near to Royapuram Kalmandapam, so i parked my bike aside and drank couple of glasses and continued my ride.

As i entered the area I started feeling so happy. Nothing much has changed since i moved, except the roads have been expanded (Thiruvottiyur highroad it seems). To which ever friend’s home i went i was offered something or the other to eat and that resulted overloading my stomach.

First headed to my friend  Rahul’s home and his mom offered me awesome Chicken Briyani and i had them happily :). Then Tea at Tri ‘S’isters (Saranya, Sandhya, Sowmya) home  which is in the same South Mada Street where i was residing. So many nostalgic memories hit my mind as i entered the street, their home is just opposite to mine   there and i used to spend most of my leisure times at their home. Was also so happy to see Sowmya Akka’s new born kid there. Then i headed to Janani’s home where she tested her Coffee brewing skills on me. She is going to get married soon and itseems she is hunting for poor victims like me to test her cooking skills PHEW !!!. Next i visited Rakesh and Thangam Akka home, they were our neighbors for a very long time. I tried but couldn’t avoid having atleast a cup of Tea there because all my excuses were ignored at the instant. Then i went to my friend Imran’s home, Again no room for excuses, Imran got some awesome hot Ramzan Nombu Kanji from near by mosque. It had such a great taste but couldn’t drink more 😦 due to my preoccupied stomach 😀 . I could feel religious harmony of India in my stomach that time, where Marriamman temple Koozh and Ramzan Nombu Kanji got mixed up 🙂 Neither my stomach nor our friendship never felt existence of anything called religion. Then headed straight to Amar’s home where the meetup was planned.Had a very nice time with Amar, Sunil, Amirtha (Sunil’s family doctor :P), Murali, V1 (V.Karthikeyan), Avani and Divya there. It was such a laugh riot there with friends, talking  and laughing about lot of things. Again Coffee at Amar’s home with some Snacks for all of us, I slowly managed to finish it. Then to Amirtha’s home and borrowed Harry Potter book from her (didn’t eat anything there 😀 ). That’s end of my roaming in Thiruvottiyur. I headed straight back home.

On the way back i stopped my bike near my favorite N4 Bridge near Kasimedu fishing harbor, It was dark and i know that its no good to enter now. But i stayed there for few more mins recapping all the awesome relaxing moments there, I it will be the first place i go when i visit there next. While I was nearing Beach Station i reminded myself about one of favorite street food ATHO (a Burmese food famous in north Chennai), It had been ages since i had it,  Though i wanted to have them so badly there is no room in my stomach even for a bit, so this will also be a high priority during my next visit.

When i reached home i got a message from Amar “Eat well and Rest well”, and i replied “Eat? whole day I was doing only that”. Its was such a nice day to remember. Felt happy, so happy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


10 thoughts on “A Year Since I Moved – A Visit Back To Thiruvottiyur

  1. Deepak Raghuraman

    Nostalgic Memories it seems.. Good post ! I never been there to that area and whole of north chennai. Have been to tiruvottriyur temple once. Heard about Maadi Poonga (Hanging Garden), Ennore beach and many temples . Need to explore this area some day soon.

  2. sushmitha06

    Nice read 🙂 Hope you must enjoyed a lot here ! Always there would be some emotions while we enter into a place where we resided for a long time. I hope you would have felt that 🙂 Thiruvottiyur will always be welcoming 🙂

  3. H Mohammed Imran

    I was really happy to see you after some time, but when you said you wont come inside i felt sad then scolded and asked you to come inside.. Reading this I too felt Nostalgic.

    nee mattum varama irruntha semma adi vaangi irrupa 😉

  4. ganeshputtu

    hmmmmmennakum gnabagam varauday song mind-voice’la play agudhu..after reading your post…once upon a time..long, long ago, so long ago..naanum raja-kada stopping’la clinice vechi practice panninduerundean…but that was a long time ago…so can relate to this post about tiruvatriyur

    1. gokoulane Post author

      oh, same autograph feeling for me when i visit and when i wrote the post Dr. 🙂 clinic in rajakadaya 🙂 super 🙂

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