Aadi Sale Aggravate in Monster Scale

If you are not aware of what an “Aadi Sale” is, It is some thing like an end of season stock clearance discount sale which is something very unique to Tamil Nadu and falls on 4th Tamizh month of Aaadi.

The fourth month Aadi is considered inauspicious, so weddings do not often fall in this month. Aadi is also the month of preparation for the next crop cycle by farmers. Therefore, farming communities avoid major events like weddings in this month. Those members of the Tamil community who don’t actively contribute/participate in farming take advantage by having important functions like wedding in this month. For example, the business community prefers this month for weddings. Aadi is usually the worst month for business, although when businesses recently initiated Aadi discounts. [Source : Wikepedia]

Above is some history about the sale. Initially small discounts were given by apparel stores to attract customers and to clear stocks for the upcoming Diwali season, but it has become a plague which spread out of proportion among business community. In recent years home appliances stores, jewelries, mobile phone stores and utensil sores have joined textile stores giving baseless offers like flat 50 – 60 % off, Buy one get one free, cash back, promised gifts etc. Nothing comes without a price, either they increase the price and offer discount or they compromise on quality and push out old stocks. Unfortunately still middle class and lower middle class people fall for this bait for whom it has been lured.

This year it had even spread more, recently saw an add from a Chennai based call taxi company which gives Aadi offer of 10% on fare from 10 am – 4 pm. While i was searching about this offers i hit on a shocking news article titled “Aadi discount for mutton creates tension“. A mutton stall owner in Dindukal district had reduced the price of mutton by 100 Rs. per Kg as Aadi offer :O . These kinds of baseless offers and exploitation on consumers  will never end unless the mass delusion on these offers and obsession on the discounted sales ends.

I wish Aadi offers were given on Petrol, Movie Tickets, Vegetables, Groceries, My Favorite Restaurants, College/School Fees etc. I also request Govt of Tamil Nadu to respect Tamil tradition and give special Aadi offers in TASMAC 😀 😀


8 thoughts on “Aadi Sale Aggravate in Monster Scale

  1. Vedhapuri

    Nice thought: Aadi offer on movie tickets, school fees. (Y).
    BTW, seeing this I got reminded of “farm fresh cooperative store” recently launched offering vegetables at subsidised rates.. Looking on for their locations at Chennai zone..

    1. gokoulane Post author

      thanks da veda 🙂 will be happy if “farm fresh cooperative store” comes in my area 🙂 vegetable prices are high nowadays 🙂

  2. Deepak Raghuraman

    Andha Mutton Kada Kaarar paathaa AADI poiduvaar 🙂 🙂 But well written …Also the captions for these Adi, we can see the creativity of the people in these captions. Inflating the prices & selling at discount is one category of Aadi Discount, and other being a true stock clearance where Old(est) stocks will be sold on discount. Reason for stock clearance is, they need to clear their old stock as max as possible. before the month of September it seems. They take this Aadi as a way to do this.

    1. gokoulane Post author

      @Depak :thanks lot bro yeah you are right bro but customers have to be aware of these things and not to fall just for the sake of offers 🙂

  3. sushmitha06

    Good read 🙂 You are right, it might be good if the aadi discount is given on veggies/fruits which would benefit some people . But it would be rather better if given on fees of schools and most importantly if given on basic necessities for the poor 🙂


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