The One Who Went To A Photowalk Without A Camera – An Experience

As you guessed “The One” is me 😀 and the following is my experience from my very first Photowalk.

This photowalk is no ordinary one, It was jointly organised by The Indo-British Health Initiative & The Chennai Photwalk, the CareWalk is a special edition of the Chennai PhotoWalk. The main purpose of the walk is to raise funds for the Mahesh Memorial Trust which work towards creating public awareness about cancer and provide financial aid to economically challenged cancer patients. There will also be similar Photowalk next week which starts from MIOT Hospital. Around 35 best pics from both these Photowalks will be selected, these shortlisted pics will be put into auction and collected money will be given to Mahesh Memorial Trust.

If you wonder what i was doing there, I am also wondering the same. All credits to my CBC friend Gopal ji, He is the one who insisted me to join the walk with him. Initially i hesitated as i didn’t have a camera, but he convinced me that he also doesn’t have one and many  would come with out a camera.

But that turned out to be wrong when i went there. Every one came with a camera, mostly DSLRs. Some had camera with arm length lenses and only thing which i could shout is with my Nokia Lumia 620 😀 . It just looked like i hold a pistol and they all hold a rocket launcher ready in their hand to shout. Happy to meet Dr. Ganesh and Ram Anna of CBC there.

After brief talk on cancer awareness the walk started from British Council Library, then covered whole of Greams Road and ended up in Thousand Light’s mosque. I observed lots of thing on the walk like people, their lifestyle, existence of both extremes, posh buildings on a side and slum on other. I also tried to figure out what other photographers try to click and their perspectives. Its a nice walk and a great experience to me.

I extend the purpose of the walk to my blog, i.e creating awareness about CANCER.


  • Any blood, no matter how small, that has no obvious reason to be there.
  • Any lump, again no matter how small, that you cannot explain.
  • Any pain that you cannot find the reason for, and which persists for a long time.
  • Any significant weight loss you do not have reasons for.
  • Any black mole on the skin (new or preexisting) that is enlarging in size.

If you spot any of these above signs, speak to a Doctor right away.

Prevention is better than cure – Ways to reduce chances of getting cancer

Quit Smoking – It is never too late to stop smoking. No matter how long you have been smoking, it pays to quit now. And if you aren’t a smoker, do not start now. No matter how cool you think it is.

Eat Well, Eat Healthy – Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid heavy fat and carbohydrates consumption, always eat whole grains foods and cereals. These foods reduce risk of cancer significantly.

Walk – Walking and gentle exercise will help you control weight, and release good endorphins in your body. This will help cut down cancer causing cells improving your health.

Watch out for the sun – In a city like chennai, it might seem hard. But try and limit your exposure to sun. Use a sunscreen with a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15 or more.

At last some of the pics which i clicked in my mobile phone during the walk,

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8 thoughts on “The One Who Went To A Photowalk Without A Camera – An Experience

  1. sushmitha06

    Good initiative ! Like to be a part of it 🙂 But I have only Xperia tipo and not Nokia Lumia 😛
    Coming to the point, nice post and the pictures were good 🙂


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