Sean Roldan & Friends – Contemporary Indian Music Band

Didn’t blog much for a while (#Confession) so back with this post about one of my yet another favorite Indian Band.

Sean Roldan & Friends is an Contemporary Indian Music Band which fuses Indian classical and folk music with Jazz, Blues and country music. What gives me more pleasure listening to their songs is its Tamizh Lyrics. For me Its a very different and unique blend of senseful lyrics and fusion music which is so bliss to hear.

From Left Mani, Sean Roldan, Pradeep Vijay, Praveen Sparsh

From Left Mani, Sean Roldan, Pradeep Vijay, Praveen Sparsh

Members of this band are

Sean Roldan (aka) R Raghavendra started this band as his solo project, he is the lead singer and lead guitarist of the band. He is the lyricist for most of the songs. He is also a trained professional classical carnatic vocalist and has several awards to his credit.

Pradeep (aka) Trichi Pradeep Kumar is vocalist and slide guitar player of the band. he also a renowned classical vocalist and also sang Asai Oru Pulveli (Attakathi) & Mogathirai(Pizza). He recently won Upcoming Singer Of The Year award in Mirchi Music Award South for his song Asai Oru Pulveli, so my hearty congrats for him.

Tanjore K. Praveen (aka) Praveen Sparsh takes care of the percussion department of the band. Like both above Paraveen also have another face, he is also a well known mrithangam player. He is the idea behind Indo-western fusion band, Sparsh.

Mani plays Bass Guitar for the band.

Below is the YouTube playlist of their songs which was produced by Kappa TV. Almost all songs in that list are my favorite 🙂

Street Music Performance of The Band in Eliots Beach

Street Music Performance of The Band at Eliots Beach [ Pic Courtesy : Vidhyalakshmi Vijaykumar ]

One more thing i want to highlight about this band members is their vision to bring music out on streets and make music available to all sorts of people. They recently started playing their unplugged street music performances in eliots beach on weekends which is open and free to all. Many other musicians also joined them and created some awesome instant jams. Its really a great fun to be there in beach, listen to them and rejoice. For more information on their street performances check out their Facebook Page.


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