I, You and We – A Poem, A Tribute To My Teachers

On this Teacher’s day I remember my awesome school teachers, I consider myself very lucky to have them in my life and without them there is no way I would be the one who I am now. They are the one who nurtured my interest in computers and science even though I wasn’t good at academics . They bared all my mischievous activities, my worst handwriting , all time chatterbox in me, sleeping in class, etc., and motivated me a lot. I am sure most of my friends who studied with me feel the same about our teachers. Teaching is a great job, it’s a service more than a profession, I wish I could take it some day.

I just tried pen down a small poem for them, I Dedicate it  to all those awesome school teachers.

I was just a small hopeless seed,
I was handed to the nursery named SCHOOL.
I wasn’t alone, There were many alike buds around.

You TEACHERS were our gardeners who Cared us,
You sowed us in the firm soil of Discipline,
You feed us with water of Values,
You nurtured us with manure of Knowledge,
You exposed us to sun of Spirituality,
You made us take on harder Challenges (CO2),
You made us work hard and reap good Results (O2),
You weed out distractions and kept us Focused,
You enjoyed every moment of our Growth.

We part away from You when we grow up as saplings,
We might grow into great big trees elsewhere,
We might reap sweet fruits and give shade to many,
We, our roots could never forget You,
We, our hearts always thankful to You.

I would also like to share  this fabulous cartoon poster by zenpencils which was made based on the poem titled “What Teachers Make” by Taylor Mali on this Teacher’s Day. Its awesome and I like it so much that I heard it in repeat like a song.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all awesome teachers around the world 🙂

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