Waiting Charges – Are You Aware?


I write this blog post based on my recent observation while travelling in a call taxi in Chennai, I am not sure many of us are aware of the following.

When these call taxis advertise their tariffs they also do mention waiting charges. What most of us think is waiting charges are applicable only when we ask the driver to stop somewhere and ask him to wait for some time, Actually it doesn’t work that way. Recently while I was traveling in a call taxi, I noticed the mode in meter changed automatically to “Waiting” mode from “Run” mode and the timer in it started running when the driver stopped at a traffic signal. When I inquired with the driver, he said that the waiting timer will start to run whenever the vehicle comes to halt and the respective amount will be added to the final trip cost. So the trip cost not on depends on the distance but also on traffic and the number of signals on the route.

I understand that there is more fuel consumption when the vehicle stops or moves slowly in traffic, but I feel its unwise to charge it under waiting charge and its the duty of the call taxi companies to make customers aware of this. I wonder whether it’s same for autos too, Have to do a check when I travel in an auto fitted with new meter prescribed by govt.


2 thoughts on “Waiting Charges – Are You Aware?

  1. sushmitha06

    Oh God ! I’m hearing about this signal charges for the first time .What will be the situation if one travels by the route which has numerous signals..! It is totally unfair. Between thanks for sharing such an awakening post..


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