Harry Potter Confession

Image Source : Internet

Image Source : Internet

“Hey kid, are you reading fairy tale”
“Grow up and read something else”
“Hey you know the name of the next Potter book, it’s Harry Potter and Sour Dosa Batter”

That is how I used to make fun of my dear friends who are great fans of Harry Potter Books and I seriously regret for it now 🙂 . Though I love reading books, I think I hated Harry Potter series because my friends were too crazy about it. I must get back those words now and publicly confess in my blog that I have also become a big Harry Potter fan.

It’s all started around 4 months back, I went to one of my friend’s home and I saw a series of Harry Potter books aligned nicely in her bookshelf with her other medical books (she is a doctor). I was too bored that time and was also very curious to know what’s in there for these guys to be too crazy about it, so I borrowed the 1st part “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” after series of warning from her to return back the book safely.

I really enjoyed a lot reading that book and It took me to yet another fascinating world. After completing the 1st part I badly wanted the start read the next one, so with no patience, I started reading it on my laptop from my friend’s ebook collection. Other than the 1st part I read all the other parts on my laptop. I should also admit that at times I used to read in between my working hours at my office (Hope none from my office reads this :P). Just before couple of days I completed reading all the 7 parts and feeling happy and great about it (Please don’t ask why). Just feel like thanking J.K. Rowling for those awesome books.


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Confession

  1. aspenlinmer

    I was totally the same way!

    It took me years to read the books and I generally stayed clear of them because they seemed overly popular. But now…I love them. They have really helped me process through a lot of things. 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoyed them as well!



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