Witnessed Courage and Experienced Accident On Road

I just want to share a couple of Incidents happened on the road today, One I just witnessed and other I experienced.

Incident 1

I was routed to my friend’s home on my bike, On the way I saw a person sitting in a costly Audi Q7 littering an empty softdink carton on the road when the car slowed down near a signal. The carton fell near a girl who was riding her Activa, she slowed down her bike and picked up the carton from the road. She went near the car which was now waiting at the signal, I did follow her because I was curious what she is about to do with the carton. She knocked the door of the car and the windows slid down, Holding the carton to his face she shouted “Sir you had dropped something valuable on the road, I just want to return in back to you”. My jaw dropped seeing the courageous act by the girl. I could see embarrassment on his face, He got the carton from her hand and murmured a “sorry”.

Incident 2

After spending some time at my friend’s home I started back to my home. I didn’t even cross that street, felt my bike slip and skid out of my control. I fell down with my bike and was lying down on the road. It didn’t cause much damage because I was wearing a helmet and wasn’t riding my bike fast. With a bit of effort and pain I managed to stand back on my legs and realized that my bike got skid because of the pumpkin that was broken in the middle of the road. Then I removed those pumpkin pieces from the middle of the road and put it in the corner and rode back home. For the next two days please be careful while riding bike and look out for broken pumpkin pieces in the middle of the road. And people who break pumpkins as part of Ayudha Pooja rituals please don’t break them in the middle of the road, Make sure that broken pumpkin pieces don’t lie on the road and that would avoid many accidents.

Both the above incidents show how we don’t bother to casually litter on the road without worrying about the consequences. I wish this attitude change, and wish for a cleaner and safer roads.


3 thoughts on “Witnessed Courage and Experienced Accident On Road

  1. Nikitha

    yea its true…pumpkins are big threats…
    its true that the dhirshti is all vanished once they break it … bt i would also advice people nt to break in the middle of the road..rather side of the road r near dustbin would be the best…

    Bt its always ur own fate…we have to watch the road 😦 no other go..even if everything is fine..there will be 1 person driving wrongly and we end up in accident because of him…

  2. Ravi

    First incident looks like a TV commercial.

    Pumpkin is a danger for the riders. So once they break the pumpkin in the middle of the road, they can take it to the side of the road.


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