The Uncertainty Of Life

While many see me as a clown or as a funny object, Its only a very few who would lend their ears to listen to me and I never wanted to load them with my woes. I feel my blog might be the right place to express those and maybe that is the reason why I am penning down the following.

It’s very unusual for my phone to ring very early in the morning that too on a Sunday. I ignored it as usual thinking its buzz of my alarm, Then it rang again, I managed to wake up and picked up the call. I got completely devastated to hear the news told by my friend at the other end, Our friend/brother/colleague SureshMathi had died in an accident. With no second thoughts I somehow coordinated with other colleagues to travel to his village to take part in his funeral.

He was about to get married 3 days later and we had already made plans to travel to his village for his marriage but he wanted all of us to come there soon for his funeral 😦 , How unfair. When we reached his village we all thought of one thing, Being from such backward rural background how much he must have been determined, struggled and worked hard to break boundaries and constraints to become an iPhone developer. We all really felt very proud of him, But most of the time we fail to recognize the value of a person when they are near or alive.

His best friends cried, some whom I thought strong and cool cried, the whole village cried when his body arrived from the hospital, The whole place was surrounded by intense grief when his body was cremated in a ground near his home. I wish I wasn’t there at that time and it was very difficult for a soft hearted person like me to handle the situation.

On the way back my thoughts were completely on him. We weren’t  so close but I had some nice time with him. One such is watching “Tare Zamien Par” movie at midnight at the office, Sometimes I used to torture him to read poems in my blog. He also used to play some of my favorite songs loud in the evenings. One thing which we had in common is interest toward Tamizh books and poetry, Bellow is one of his poems written in his own beautiful handwriting.


His loss is beyond price and nothing can recompense for it. I hope his beloved gets all strength and support to handle it and move on. His loss taught us all how uncertain this life could be. It reminds me of the following lines by blogger friend Sundar Gopalakrishnan.

பயணம் சிலருக்கு சுகமாகவும், சிலருக்கு சுமையாகவும் மாறிவிடுகிறது. ஆனாலும் பயணம் மட்டும் தொடர்கிறது.

It means “For some journey is a pleasure, for some its painful, but the journey continues for ever” though he wrote it for a post regarding bus travel, the same applies for life too. But I would like to alter it a bit. “The journey called life, for some its pleasure, for some its pain, Some join unexpected, some end abruptly. But the journey continues with the company of the present and memory of the past”

In memory of Suresh Mathi, We miss you, Let your soul Rest In Peace


3 thoughts on “The Uncertainty Of Life

  1. Govind

    Loss of life tragic. More so when it is someone close. May God give his family and friends to bear this irreplaceable loss, Life must go on. Take care.


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