The one who became a salesman for a while

After completing work at my office, I headed straight to a well know books and gifts store to buy gifts for my very close friend’s wedding reception the very next day. After reaching there I spent some time looking at the books and gifts and querying the sales person before finalizing the gift. As I was informed that it would take some time to safe pack the gift as it’s a porcelain one, I simply went around the store. I saw a couple came to me with queries, they looked like college going boy and a girl. They completely misunderstood me as a salesperson, as I was still wearing my ID card around my neck and the color of the ID card rope was very similar to that of employees in that store. Initially was quite irritated with in, but decided to play along. My initial conversation and queries with the real sales person really helped, Following is the conversation I had with them.

Boy :  (pointing to a gift piece from a distance) How much that costs,
Me :  (Reaches the piece, Looks at the price tag on it) 415 Rs sir.
Girl :  (Pointing to another one) What it is made of.
Me :  Terracotta and some wood.

(Both discussed for some time going around, while I stayed patient)

Boy :  (Now points to a glass crystal kinda article)  Will it break.
Me :  (Wow what a wonderful question) definitely yes sir, You can try it at your own cost. You have to handle it with care.
Boy : (Smiling at me) Ok then we will take this one.
Me : (Pointing to the packing desk) Please take it there, they should help you.

(I left the place as soon as they moved, I saw the real sales person looking at me confused from the distance)

(I was standing in the billing counter, I saw the couple come and stand behind me, they got  even more confused to see me standing there)

Billing Staff : Cash or Credit Card ?
Me :  (hands over the card) Remove the price tag from the box, I wanted it gift wrapped.
Girl : (Rushes to me) You are ?
Me : Just like you people, came here to buy stuff.
Girl : (Points to my ID Card) I am really sorry I miss understood you. I am really sorry again.
Me : (Now the guy also joins and both repeating “Sorry” like a mantra)  No problem Its ok.
Me : (Pointing the guy) Don’t you know glass breaks?
Girl : (Laughs and beats that guy soft on his shoulder) Even I thought it was a stupid question.

(We three laughed, and I left them with a smile)

Their’s sorry even continued when they saw me again at the parking lot. Initially I got irritated when they mistook me as a salesperson, It’s my ego which made me think “I am a SOFTWARE ENGINEER and not a salesperson”. Calming down for a  second and killing my ego for some minutes gave me an unexpected experience. It just reminded me of a Quote “No job is too small”. Has anyone got similar experiences?

Moral of the story : Remove your ID card as soon as you exit from the office 😛 .


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