The One Who Is Immature Small Boy

I’m writing this post out of frustration and confusion which is in me for quite sometime. What made me so frustrated and confused is many calling me “Immature” and “small boy”, it’s okay when people older than me call me a small boy, but it’s frustrating when people in your age range do so. Most of the time I stand alone because of this “Small boy” and “good boy” tag on me. But some are frank and true, they tell me why they put that tag on me, the following are some of the reasons they gave me.

Being Chocoholic
I wonder why people have stereotypical thoughts when it comes to chocolates, that its only kids and women who love it. Who bothers about all those, my love towards chocolates didn’t even diminish a bit since my childhood and it will not in future. So if you think I’m a kid cos I love chocolates and candies, I don’t mind. I would also recommend you to watch Dairy Milk adds, How many of them show just kids and women.

Being Non-Alcoholic
Again many stereotype that having matured drink is a sign of maturity. I have been frequently asked  “Don’t you booze, even beer?”. Many even try to convince me that it is not a harm for health, but for me it’s not its healthy or not, but whether I like it or not and I don’t. Several times I have been with my friends while they booze, I simply while up time sipping down some soft drinks, patiently listening to their sad stories, and finish off the side dishes 😀 . So if you don’t booze, male colleagues will put a “small boy” tag on you and women colleagues will contribute their part by giving you a “good boy” tag. What I can’t understand is how one becomes “good” if he doesn’t drink, or a “bummer” if he does.

Being Non-Gossiper
It’s not like I’m not interested in gossiping, what I am not interested is the topics which you gossip. A boy talking with a girl doesn’t amuse me at all, probably I’m broadminded than some of you. Though I have likes and dislikes about people around, I prefer to keep it myself and avoid talking about them behind their back. No one likes people who they trust talking wrong behind their back right.

Being Smiley Face
I almost smile for everything, even if some one say things that offends me. I would give an inert reaction with a smile though its fuming inside. Usually why I don’t react is not that I don’t understand what is being spoke, but it’s either I don’t like the subject or I’m not interested it. But I usually find my reaction, smile and silence misunderstood as innocence,  “You are a small kid, you don’t understand these things” are the words which I would be hearing next. My past experiences had taught me big lessons, Firstly I have no control of words when I shout out of anger and at times the damage done are beyond repair, Then shout out of anger at some is mere waste of energy. So it gradually increased my patience as well as my silence, now some don’t even believe that I’m short tempered. Yet there is always a threshold.

I am a misfit piece in a jigsaw puzzle which doesn’t fit any where but still part of the game, it’s like every one likes you and most don’t wants you. I do learn from my mistakes and experiences, constantly shape myself, but in my own phase and perceptions. Whether I fit or not let the time decides. Why to blame them all, being a misfit is neither their mistake nor mine. This post is just an outcome of my frustrations. There were several occasions I felt pain being hurt by some one or being ignored, but very rarely  felt guilty for hurting some one. In that way I am happy being that “small boy”, I am happy being that misfit.


4 thoughts on “The One Who Is Immature Small Boy

  1. Bragadeesh Prasanna

    Not many people can be like you boss. I can totally understand how it feels when someone call us immature or something like that. Had faced that for like four years before I moved on. But now, I look at them and laugh because most of the things they did/do are really silly. So dont fall for the measurement they have for maturity. They have no idea who derived it. Next time when I say something and you smile, I will make sure to double check that you are not offended. Cheers!

    1. gokoulane Post author

      Thanks lot Brags anna for the comment, I never wanted to fall for their measurements, always wanted to be myself 🙂

  2. S(t)ri

    Your Life, Your Way! Brush away about what others say about you. Immaturity and kiddish behavior is not in what you like or how you behave it is in how you react to people who call you such names. Be what you are always 🙂


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