Friends, Laughs and Forgotten Worries

 © 2009 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

© 2009 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

It’s around 8 in the morning and he boarded in the train which just arrived at the Beach Station, the compartment wasn’t that crowded, so he managed to get his favorite window seat so that he could feel the cool breeze and simply watch out. Hearing the announcements that train would start in few minutes , he plugged his headphones into his ears and started listening to his favorite tracks as usual and watch passengers walk here and there to while up the time.

He saw a group of 4 school going girls chatting standing near the window, though they wore uniform, it’s the drafter and t-scale in their hands which confused him, he concluded himself that they must be polytechnic college students. He noticed a girl in that group who seemed downhearted and crying for some reason. Though he couldn’t hear anything, he watched as if he is watching a mime play. Other 3 girls in the group where trying to comfort her by holding her hands and her shoulder, but she didn’t stop weeping. One more girl joined the group lately, he saw her come in with a nice smile, he didn’t fail to observe an instant change of expression on her face as she saw one of her friends crying and others trying to comfort. She seems to be enquiring with her friends about what’s happening and said something which made everyone laugh, including the girl who was crying. Seeing this bought a big smile on his face, he felt happy seeing the girl who cried, laugh and hug her friend holding back her tears. The train started to move, his eyes slowly unfocused the laughing group of freinds and his thoughts moved on to his friends who made him smile and laugh in his tough times. He wiped the tear drops trying to peep out of his eyes and he smiled with in.

The above narrated incident is a real one and that “He” is me. There are two types of friends, first are the ones who say soothing and motivating words which would comfort you and the other purposefully speaks some thing stupid or funny which would make you laugh and forget your worries for a while.

This post is dedicated to my awesome dear friends.

Did the title and the image deceived you initially, connection between the title and image is also true to an extent. There were times when I used to watch FRIENDS episodes, forget my worries and laughing out loud. Even now I watch some of my favorite episodes then and there to de-stress  myself. It’s one of my most favorite TV series.


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