To: 2013, 2014; cc: Readers

Dear 2013,

Had an awesome time with you for a year and now it’s time to bid farewell forever. Initially it was slow, struggling and painful with you. You made me fall again and again, you gave losses and hurts which are beyond repair. I must have cursed you countless times for giving such a hard time.

Think I should stop complaining and thank you for all the pleasant moments. Every time I fell down It’s you who gave tons of hope, strength and motivations to stand up and running. Every time when I get hurt it’s you who sent some one to heal. You pointed how significant are  some to me and I’m to them, you also introduced many to get inspired. It’s with you I finished my 1st half marathon and also start blogging actively. It’s you who taught some important lessons of life. Thanks again and your memories will be evergreen in me.

Hi 2014,

Happy to welcome you, Have no clue how you are going to be, Have not much expectations either, But do have some plans with you, hope plans come together. Spread peace, harmony and happiness to all of us. Looking forward to spend some adventurous time with you.

-Gokoulane Ravi


One thought on “To: 2013, 2014; cc: Readers

  1. vaishnavi ajai

    heartfelt mixed expressions of your life in 2013 had given u a true shape to overcome ur hurdles in future… Hope u will practise it in 2014 to even more smoothen the true shape of yours and wish you become a dazzling diamond 🙂 Happy new year Goks!!! Our friendship has a long way to go:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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