Titled At The End – A Poem


Phoenix – wikipedia.org

Some where I read,
Once lived a miraculous bird,
Which arises back from its ashes,
And I see its impression in all of us.

With no conscious clue,
Disasters hit us out of blue.
Betrayal, failure, egos,
Grief, loss and all of those,
brutally thrashes and burn us to ashes.

Then something magical happens,
Motivations works like a charm,
Determinations transfigures to success,
Spells of love and care sweeps out despair,
And the life gets revived.

I see ashes behind every bird,
And a bird behind the ashes.
It continues till the magic last,
And its only the ashes at last.
Aren’t we a phoenix.


5 thoughts on “Titled At The End – A Poem

  1. nikitha

    i see the new bird alone…born again…and nt the ashes… 🙂
    nice poem.. Take the good things and leave the rest 🙂

    1. gokoulane Post author

      Yeah you are right, What i am trying to say is there is some thing bad happened behind the birth of good thing, there will be no ash residue when the bird is reborn 🙂 🙂


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