It’s All Taxes ? – A Guest Post

Recently I received an message with an attachment in my Facebook inbox from my close friend Rahul. He asked me weather I could share the content of the attached document in my blog so that it might bring in some awareness. I too felt the same after reading it, As sharing it in my blog is some thing which I could do (etho nambalala mudinjathu). It’s all about conversation between Rahul’s friend Tejas and few ladies in the train, Following is the unaltered content.

A ” Free ” Chat with Tamil Nadu in Chennai – Mangalore train taught me more than what i could ever get in books,blogs etc.

They started “Indha dhadave amma kuduththa selay avlo nalla illa, pona dhadava amma kuduththa synthetic sela idha vida nalla irundhuchu” ( the saree given by AMMA this time isnt good, last time she gave synthetic one, that was better)

Thinking its just normal ladies talk, i just climbed up to upper berth and was browsing through my phone.

The saree discussion went on for a while , and there was total silence for sometime. Then one lady started “indha dhadava yaruku vote podradhu ?” (whom shall we vote this time ?)

Its my favourite subject. Just kept my phone aside and started listening to them keenly. I learnt lot from them, you too will.

Lady : Kalaignar (Karunanidhi) oru roobaaikku arisium,TV-um thandhaaru ,Jayalalitha Amma Grinder,Mixie,Cycle nu ennanavo freeya thandhaanga…. (Karunanidhi gave TV , 1Re Rice & Jayalalitha gave cycle,Mixie ,Grinder etc)

All other ladies :aama aama (yes,yes)

Then they discussed about who got and who dint get, how delayed they got etc..

Later, they started discussing about their requirements at home, finally they concluded ” indha dhadava yaaru Washing Machine ,Fridge la tharaangalo, avarukku namba vote podalaam”

(This time we shall vote to the party which promises washing machine and fridge )

It was shock of my life , i was dumbstruck. I decided to join their conversation.

I asked those ladies ” who gives money for saree,tv,cycle,grinder,mixie and all that you get free”

All replied ” AMMA aatchila, amma-oda panam, kalaignar aatchila irundha avaroda panaththula erundhu kudukkaraanga ” ( when Amma is CM she spends her money, when kalaignar is CM he spends his own money for us)

I asked ” appo idhellam neenga tax kattura panaththula inrundhu kudukkaradhu illaya?”

( so, its not given from the money you paid as tax ? )

One voice & one tone reply from all ladies ” naanga tax la katradhe illa thambi “( We never pay tax brother )

I asked : appo neengala kaalaila kulikka maatingla?

(So you ppl dont take bath in the morning ?)

Ladies : kaalile seekarama endhirichu kulichiruvom.

(We have bath early in the morning )

Another lady : adhukkum idhukkum enna sammandham ? ( How is bath related to tax ?)

I : soap use panna maatingla ? (So you wont use soap while having bath )

bit irritated by the Qs, yet they answered ” ippolaam ellarume soap pottu kulikkaraanga ” (Nowadays everyone use soap )

I : Soap la tax irukku. (you pay tax for soap )

Ladies got shock of their life, and said : Soap la tax aah ? ( Tax in soap ? )

I : aama (yes )

One brilliant lady in the group : aanaa adha kadaikaaran kitta dhaane katrom appo avan kitta dhaane Ella panamum poi serudhu . (but then we pay it to the shopkeeper so finally he is the one who gets all the money not the government )

I : illa illa, unga kitta panaththa vaangi avan government-ukku katturaan. Tax neenga vaangura porulukku kudukkara panaththulaye sendhu erukku !

(No no,shop person only collects tax from you and pays it to government. The price you pay is inclusive of all taxes)

Full silence, all ladies started thinking, they went to deep thinking mode.

One lady : tax soap la mattum aa ? ( So tax is only in soap ?)

I : neenga vaangura thee petty la kooda tax erukku. (Even for the match box you buy, you pay tax )

Meanwhile a lady got a call from her son , after she kept the call i said ” ippo vandha phone callkum unga paiyyan tax katturaanga ” (even for the call you recieved, your son has paid tax)

All got another shock of life, silence repositioned itself.

A lady in low voice “message kum tax irukka? ( My son messages a lot to his friends ,are messages taxed ?)

I : aama (yes )

Later i asked about their children, education, toilets at their houses, schools at their places etc..

One among the ladies was not having toilets in their vicinity. Few said about inability to pay fee, medical exp etc..

I said ” change your demands, demand for Schools, Roads, Toilets, Hospitals, good doctors etc.. Instead of cycle,Tv,Washing Machine ,Fridge…”

The stop came and they got down, and were discussing about hiring an auto, immediately i peeped through my window and said ” adhukkum tax katturinga, rikshakaaren petrol ,diesel vaangum bodhu katraan” ( for that too you pay tax, auto rikshaw driver pays it with petrol, diesel price)

Finally they waved their hands and said among themselves : indha paiyyan neraya therinju vechchirukkan ” ( this guy knows a lot )

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

To the extent i recall the conversation , i have put it here. You ppl too can ask your friends , family, relatives about the taxes they pay.

Transliteration courtesy : Sharmilah (Civil Service aspirant ) & Satchidanandam Sekar ( CA aspirant )


4 thoughts on “It’s All Taxes ? – A Guest Post

    1. gokoulane Post author

      Yeah, But I feel most of the people are ignorant, They don’t deserve this, Some where change must come and politicians should look up on larger benefits which would raise quality of life than these shorter ones just to fill up their vote bank 🙂


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