Bar One, Smiles Two

It’s a customary in my family to wake up early in the morning and have tea together. We used to discus, debate lots of things over that cup of tea even fight. Today is no just another day, It’s birthday of my beloved mom, so we all wished her while she was serving us hot ginger tea. My dad suddenly went into a room and came out with something packed in glossy wrappers. He gave them to my mom wishing her, It’s mom’s favorite “Bar One” chocolates. I asked my dad why he got just 3 pieces when there are 4 of us at home. First he smiled, then winking at my mom he said “We both will share one”. Those utterly timed words bought priceless, super cute and charming smile in both their faces, so cute that it made me to write this post. I think its true that love grows more on sharing. I wondered when I am going to love some one so much that I share my favorite chocolate happily 🙂

Bar One

Bar One Chocolates


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