My Radio Days


It was a usual day at office and was cleaning up and organizing my old bookmarks in my browser. In the process I stumbled up on an online radio link which I had bookmarked years ago. When opened it played my favorite A.R.Rahman hits, so I muted my usual playlist and stared listening to it. One after another I heard my favorite songs which I haven’t  heard for years. As usual it’s my mind which goes nostalgic and gets comfort, this time it went back to my good old radio days.

Don’t  think I am too old to talk about radios, but my childhood memories are filled with it. Though we had TV at our home, my parents never gave cable TV connection till my sister completed her schooling. They thought it would impair our academic performance. I very rarely watched TV cos those programs in DD where too boring for me, except very few. It’s the same case with radio cos it was all AIR (All India Radio) channels which was also boring except for the news. The  radio landscape totally changed when private players Suryan FM and Radio Mirchi started operating in Chennai in mid of 2003. They came up came up with young RJs, interesting programs, and new songs, that’s when i actively started listening to radio. Though we had a tape recorder at home I always wanted a Walkman with radio for myself, but what my parents could afford at that time was a small portable radio transistor. It’s a tiny Philips radio with auto scan feature which I always carry and listen to it.

Pocket Radio

Similar to the tiny radio which I owned, except that it’s black and that’s silver

Radio Mirchi 98.3 is my all time favorite radio station. The more I started to listen to it, I started liking talks of the RJs than the song they played. Most of my days started listening to “Hello Chennai” a breakfast show which was hosted by one of my favorite RJ Suchi (also a singer) , when she left the station the same show was took over by yet another favorite RJs Ajai and Shiva. Now Shiva became an actor and RJ Ajai still continues with the show.

Even after getting a MP3 player I used to listen to “Hello Chennai” show while going to college and “Freeya Vidu” show while back, both by my fav RJ Ajai. I even had pleasure of hearing my voice aired in his show once and songs which I requested him via online chat played twice . I even try to mimic his voice and my friends used to like it. Few months back I met him unanticipated in Besant Nagar beach and get to click a pic with him.

Me with my fav RJ Ajai

Me with my favorite RJ Ajai

One of the most memorable moment to which I can associate with radio is hiding under the last bench in class listening to Oscar updates and hoping for A.R.Rahman to win Oscar. Me and my friend shouted out of joy when we heard that he won one in spite of lecturer being inside the class. We kinda howled when we heard that he won another, Still remember the baffled face of the lecturer who was clueless about who shouted and for what.

But now my interest in listening to radio got gradually decreased because of 3 reasons.
1) Now they play songs back to back and even more adds, you end up listening more advertisement than songs and RJ talks put together.
2) I no longer commute to my office by public transport and I use my bike, so no room for listening while driving.
3) My smart phone doesn’t have a radio module.

At lest happy that my new favorite  RJ Balaji uploading his good talks to SoundCloud.

Whatever, nothing beats the feel of hearing your favorite songs being played out of blues in radio. “So listen to the radio, And all the songs we used to know”.


4 thoughts on “My Radio Days

  1. vaishnavi ajai

    ya i still remember u mimic RJ Ajai’s voice to us da… u really sound same as him… happy that u happened to take a snap with him.. good old days and sweet memories.. thanks ya..


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