Temple Of Inspirations – My Dream Library

A fellow blogger from CBC (Chennai Bloggers Club) recently wrote a post based on the prompt “What would your dream library look like? #DreamLibrary” given by IndiSpire (by IndiBlogger). While reading the post few things came to my mind so I thought I would do my part by writing one.

Before I pen about my Dream Library, A few words about the library which inspired me, the library which was the origin of my reading habit. Yes it’s my school library. I used to spend a lot of time there during my school days. It fueled my interest and curiosity to know more. How could I be without mentioning my school librarian Kannan Sir, He was the one who seeded the reading habit in me and motivated me to read more books.  All my interest over science and computer science got evolved there. Internet was very scarce those days and main source of information are books. I learned most of my basic computer coding from those books. Those small collection of Enid Blyton and World Book Encyclopedias always amazed me. That library did play a significant role in shaping me what I am today.

Now lets come to my Dream Library. It will not be a personal library which would be accessible to Me, My Family and Friends, But it will be a small public library near the shores of Thiruvottiyur easily accessible to those slum kids there. I was really amazed by their interest and talent they possess when I used to take night classes to them during my college days. They know the value of things, I have seen them utilizing things and opportunities to the fullest, have seen them be so determined even at that young age. That library will be a well ventilated long hall with simple wooden tables and chairs, comfortable for those kids to sit and read in silence (their homes are really noisy). Its walls will be filled with racks of small books, story card collections and few inspirational quotes stuck here and there. It would house more of books like comics, children stories, experimented based science books and less standard academic based books so that they get inspired and be creative. Last but not least It will have a librarian like Kannan sir who would take pride in his work, inspire kids, motivate them to read more and help them shaping up their life.

Am I dreaming too much, might be. I must stop dreaming and start doing little which I could.


6 thoughts on “Temple Of Inspirations – My Dream Library

  1. Vishwas

    May this dream of yours come true. I really, truly mean it. The most difficult part is to start it, but once it’s started, hopefully, there will be momentum and it will take off….

  2. Rachaita H

    Hey! There’s another blogger who has opined similarly on IndiVine. You both should get together to brainstorm and you’ll always find support from me and a like-minded bunch of others! 🙂

    1. gokoulane Post author

      Thanks Rachatia,
      sure will search for the user and discus with him, and thanks for our support.


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