Why Do I Run ?

Running Legs - © Raghu Mohan

Running Legs – © Raghu Mohan

Why do you run? Asked many,
With no notion to respond,
I sighed and thought is there any?
Queried myself, Why do I RUN?

Is that I could rise before the SUN ,
Put on those lovely running shoes,
And run along the lonely country road,
So that the cool breeze pierce into my skin.

“Really?” echoed my conscience,
Seems those reasons doesn’t convince.
It smiled from a corner and calmly commanded,
“Try me with something better”.


Is that I try to stay fit and light,
Burn myself (calories) like a phoenix,
And get wet of my own stinking sweat,
So that I munch more with no guilt.


Is that all about marathons,
Get clicked smiling while hiding sore with in,
And cheered up at delightful finishing line,
So that I show off my medal of accomplishment.


Is that it deeply de-stress my mind,
Help stay focused and determined,
And get me used to perishing pains,
So that I evolve stronger every other step.

“Slow down” hit my conscience,
“Aren’t you just rambling reasons”, It mocked.
After a pause it said “The fact is you just LOVE IT”.

Note : I initially intended to write it as a Q&A between me and my conscience, later end up with this.


8 thoughts on “Why Do I Run ?

  1. Sharmila Afreen

    This show ur passion towards running.
    beautifully written.
    If everyone has this kind of attitude ,then no more obese and other medical complication.

  2. vaishnavi ajai

    Beautiful post…u have put words on ur own way and made the reader feel deep inside self how enjoyable u feel when u RUN…. perfect communication from the writer to the reader…u have got that extra talent in you. As your close friend, I wish you can try writing a book soon on such nostalgic things in life.. y don’t you try da??????

    1. gokoulane Post author

      Thanks vaish 🙂 sure will try writing a book, but before that let me sharp my skills 🙂 🙂


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