Better Don’t Wish

My dad is a very nice person. He really takes pleasure and effort to wish his friends and our relatives on special occasions like festivals. I remember him taking time to write personal messages and wishes in lots of greeting cards and post them. But at times even his good intentions ends up as a tragedy because of his innocence and ignorance. The following is one of them.

This happened exactly 5 years back and it was a Good Friday. With a good intention to wish his christian friends and colleagues my dad asked me to send them “Happy Good Friday” SMS and out of ignorance I did as he said. To add more fuel to the flame, one of his senior most officer was also in the list. What happened next was fuming calls from his friends who received the message. So after realizing the mistake, my dad apologized to them for sending a wrong wish.

So readers if you weren’t aware, Good Friday is a mourning day for our christian friends. It’s the day Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross. So it’s better if you don’t wish them on that day, Wait till Sunday and wish them a Happy Easter.


2 thoughts on “Better Don’t Wish

  1. Minu

    Ive been flooded with messages today. While on one side we understand the ignorance, the other side we are constantly reminded of the death and torture

    1. gokoulane Post author

      Yeah I understand that, The same happened to some of my friends and they too felt the same.


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