Let It Be and Let It Go

I am writing this post after a terrible week, yes last week was disastrous for me at my work. Think It’s not ethical to discuss those occupational issues here, right?. But its impacts were deep in me. For the first time I felt my work as a burden and my hands ached to code. I kept on thinking what had happened rather than thinking what has to be done. My all time smile lit bloomy face became gloomy, and It’s exactly “Grumpy Monkey Face” as described by my buddy. The byte (bit is too small) of emotional attachment to my work made me feel like being dropped in a deep pit (not a typo, but preferred not to use “shit”).

I tried climbing out of the pit by distracting myself, but that didn’t work well with so much of anger raging in me. Then came the saviors to lift me out. They would patiently listen to all my whining and grumblings. They would whatsapp me around 12am to say not to worry much and this too will pass on, I look terrible like a “Grumpy Monkey” without a smile on my face, and wanted to see me be happy as usual. They would suggest some nice tracks that would comfort me. Yes, they are my loving FRIENDS. They pulled me back while I hold their hands tight. Felt even better after a lonely visit to the beach. Now I stopped worrying about the problem and started working on the solution.

One of my colleague quoted “your happiness is your choice”, so If there are problems, LET IT BE and it’s best if you just LET IT GO than holding it tight.

Note : “Let It Be” is one of my favorite tracks from The Beatles  and “Let It Go” is another favorite from the movie Frozen. Enjoy listening to both.


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