Quarter Century – Not Out

I feel lucky and content at least to exist. In the same world where not all get good food, where not all have a proper shelter, where not all are healthy, where not all places are peaceful and where even existence is a big question.

Now I remember a famous quote by Oscar Wilde “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” , so I don’t just exist, I also do something people very rarely do, I LIVE my LIFE.

I love more than being loved.
I put more smiles than frowns on the faces I came across.
I don’t spend time thinking about the deep purpose of my life,
I better be happy and spread it around, while I figure that out.

I had my own goals, for which I worked hard to reach them.
I had my own successes, big or small, never ignored to celebrate them.
I had my own failures, small or big, never ignored to learn and move on.
I got inspired by many and I am an inspiration for a very few too.

I keep myself simple, sometimes stupid too.
I never regret for not wearing a mask and being myself.
I did only what I liked to do, at times it’s for people whom I love too.
I LOVE my life, that is how I LIVE my life.

Above, there are lots of ‘I’, are you wondering why? 😀 (Sentence heavily influenced by TR). Even I am wondering the same. Asusual i started writing something else and end up with this.

Now straight to the point, As many of you might have guessed from the title, Yay .. It’s my 25th birthday today. Life is like running an undetermined marathon, where you don’t know how long you going to run. Better rejoice while you pass the mile markers and stop by water stations just like this birthday and enjoy the run. #IRun

When someone ask me “what gift you got for this birthday?”, I would happily reply “chocolates and hearty wishes”. Nothing makes me merrier than your wishes, so do wish me (wishes with chocolates are most welcome). Before that, I wish myself a very happy birthday and awesome years ahead.


11 thoughts on “Quarter Century – Not Out

  1. Sumy S

    Great Writing Gokulane…
    I liked this one alot –
    ” I never regret for not wearing a mask and being myself”
    Just remain the way you are now… Many More Happy Returns to you !!!


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