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A Lonely Walk To Remember – Theosophical Society, Chennai

It was a very busy week for me, was tied up to my laptop most of the time writing codes and fixing unexpected bugs. Phew.. Luckily issues got subsided by friday which paved way for a much needed and a relaxing weekend. After getting bored of doing nothing in the morning, I decided to hangout with friends in the afternoon (not the google hangout). One friend suggested Theosophical Society in Adayar, as I haven’t been there before, I agreed to the plan. As usual I reached there on time, but unfortunately (fortunately) my friends couldn’t make it cos of last minute hiccups. So I have to spend the rest of my time there alone.

This Theosophical Society campus in Adyar is its international headquarters. You can know more about the Theosophical Society from its Official Website  & Wikipedia . It’s open  for  visitors only from Monday to Saturday  (Morning: 9:30am-12:30pm; Afternoon: 2:30pm-5:30pm) and closed on Sunday and on public holidays.

At 2.45pm I made an entry in the visitors register and the security guard informed me to return back by 4pm. The place is very green, all i could see are trees and old buildings then and there. It’s really a silent place and apt to take a calm walk. Even the people are sparse there, I could see a few taking the walk and very few sitting on benches reading book. I walked around enjoying the nature and clicking few pics in my mobile. I was stopped by a security guard and warned not to go beyond as walking further would lead to woods which got dangerous insects and snakes, must be a forbidden forest. The security guard’s name is Mr Durai, he also enlightened me about the famous Adyar banyan  tree (adayar aala maram) which is believed to be 450 years old. Its central trunk was uprooted by a cyclone in 1989, but it’s aerial roots span around 60,000 sq ft. He also pointed me to the direction where I could find few interesting things. As I advanced I found a small buddhist temple with a beautiful pond in front of it. What I saw next really shocked me, It’s couple of tamarind trees filled with thousands of large fruit bats hanging upside down. It’s time said my watch. I wish I could be there for some more time, but security guard didn’t wish the same, So have to return signing back the visitors register. And the heart felt light and delight when I walked out of those gates.

Following are few pics which I clicked during the walk.

Its definitely A Lovely And A Lonely Walk To Remember.

Bhajji Shop To Buckingham Palace – My Inspiration

This blog post is about a person who inspired me and still continues to inspire me.

Earlier this month, I called to wish him on his birthday . I found no difference in the way he speaks to me, he sounded the same as ever. After the call got over, as usual, I got into nostalgia mode and started recalling those inspiring memories about him.

Before writing why he is such an inspiration to me, I will better narrate how I got to know him first ( #ItsFlashBackTime #MosquitoCoilSlowRotationEffect ). It was my mid school times and we used to reside in a Housing Board Colony at Tiruvottiyur back then. I never liked living there, the place was more like a slum, always noisy and stinking. My mom wouldn’t even allow me to go out and play, cos she was scared that I would get spoiled being with those kids. But we had no other go, some unfavourable circumstances made us stay there for years. There used to be a small Bhajji shop on a cart at the entrance of the colony. One fine day, returning back from my school, I stopped by that shop to get some Bhaji. To my surprise, I found one of my favourite computer magazine stacked among few other papers. As it seemed to be a latest issue, So I requested the shopkeeper to give it to me rather than using it for packing. He replied that, It’s his son who read them and it’s not for packing. Then I heard a voice from behind which said “If you want, you can take, read it and return back”, I turned back and saw him talking while helping his dad. That’s how I met him for the first time.

As far as I know him, He studied in a government school in Thiruvottiyur. Everyday after the school gets over, he comes and helps his dad running the shop and studies even if he gets a few minutes gap. You can see him burning his midnight lamp frequently, At times my mom used to point at his light up house though our window at night and say “that anna must be reading”. He even used to convert that cart into a juice shop and run it during his summer holidays standing in the hot sun for a long time. I remember him offering me juices while I go out to roam in my cycle or go to computer classes, at times he even refused to take money from me. We even used to exchange books and discuss about technology.

After completing his schoolings with good marks, he secured a Computer Science Engineering seat in Central Polytechnic College. Post successfully completing his diploma, he started working in a small company as a developer and did a great job there. Now he works for TCS and was recently sent to London by his company. Think “Buckingham Palace” in the title make sense now. He married the love of his life Mrs Devisri and now they both happily live with their son Sanjiv. He also involves himself in  a few pet projects.

Why he is such an inspiration to me ?
Because is such a passionate and hard working person ever since I know him. He never gave reasons why he couldn’t do things, but he did all he could do to be whom he is now. His enthusiasm and thirst to knowledge is quite unquenchable. More than everything as I mentioned above, he is same, he is grounded, down to earth and such a sweet person to talk with. I tell his story to many who gives silly reasons why they couldn’t do things, even to me when I needed motivation.

Opps I haven’t mentioned his name yet, He is MURUGAN Anna.

Murugan Anna, Mrs Devisir and Sanjiv, probably near buckingham palace.

Murugan Anna, Mrs Devisri and Sanjiv – probably shot near Buckingham Palace.

Anna I know you would be definitely reading this (I will make you read this). You are such an inspiration to me and All the best for your future endeavours.

Appendix (For International Readers 😛 )

  1. Bhajji – Bhajji or bhaji is a spicy Indian snack similar to pakora or potato fritters, with several variants
  2. Anna – Brother in Tamizh.

Feelings Untitled – A Lonely Await

Image Source : Internet

Image Source : Internet

The below poem reflects my state of mind at different phases of life put together. It might be how I felt when I completed schooling and entered college. Or, how I felt when I got graduated and started to work. Or, How I feel presently. This one is dedicated to my best friends.

Who isn’t near,
Tell me my tear.
My heart, is that my friends you miss?
Is being with them is such a bliss?

Though part by several miles,
I cherish those spotless laughs and smiles.
Though we never exchanged gifts or treats,
I wonder, Our friendship never retreats.

Oh time, where did you drift me?
I midst of people, where I couldn’t fit me.
For whom, I am just a last choice,
And whatever I speak is just a noise.

They might trade me for some one better,
Am I that easy to throw, as they litter.
They might be impenetrable behind a mask,
And smile just for sake of their task.

As numerous dream to do,
Wish could go back in time too.
Will I be again with those lovely some,
Or I just sit and wait for all time to come.