Feelings Untitled – A Lonely Await

Image Source : Internet

Image Source : Internet

The below poem reflects my state of mind at different phases of life put together. It might be how I felt when I completed schooling and entered college. Or, how I felt when I got graduated and started to work. Or, How I feel presently. This one is dedicated to my best friends.

Who isn’t near,
Tell me my tear.
My heart, is that my friends you miss?
Is being with them is such a bliss?

Though part by several miles,
I cherish those spotless laughs and smiles.
Though we never exchanged gifts or treats,
I wonder, Our friendship never retreats.

Oh time, where did you drift me?
I midst of people, where I couldn’t fit me.
For whom, I am just a last choice,
And whatever I speak is just a noise.

They might trade me for some one better,
Am I that easy to throw, as they litter.
They might be impenetrable behind a mask,
And smile just for sake of their task.

As numerous dream to do,
Wish could go back in time too.
Will I be again with those lovely some,
Or I just sit and wait for all time to come.


2 thoughts on “Feelings Untitled – A Lonely Await

  1. Gowrishankar

    Good one. Reflects what I feel every single time when I think about what am I doing here missing out you all.


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