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This post is the part of Chennai Bloggers Club’ super initiative “CBC Tablog-2”. The exercise is where few bloggers write about a common subject and tag each other posts as a chain-blog. The subject for this Blog Tag is ONE ASPECT I WANT TO CHANGE IN CHENNAI. The tag was passed to me by Muthiah Sriram who blogs at Life As It Comes, you can read what he like to change in this post. A special mention to Kaushik Govindaswamy who designed the below logo exclusively for the Tablog. And special cheers for all those 30 bloggers (including me) who took part in this.

The CBC Tablog 2

There are many things I wish to change, But it’s all about that One part of chennai. The part of chennai I grew up. Though I no longer reside there, It’s the part of chennai my heart still belongs to, It’s The North Chennai.

I Wish is to change the mindset of most of the chennaites, who think that chennai doesn’t exists beyond Beach Station in north. Like most in the westeros who doesn’t know what lies beyond the wall (you can ignore this Game of Thrones stuff). It’s the places like Tondiarpet, Royapuram, Tiruvottiyur which were prominent areas of madras in north when it was formed. Have no idea why they lost their importance with time. The much spoken about places in Chennai like T.Nagar, Anna Nagar, Velacherry, Tambaram, etc. were added much later.

I wish i could change the intention of politicians to keep north Chennai under developed and just use it for their vote bank. When suburbs and newly developed area grow predominantly in terms of facilities and infrastructure, I wonder why north Chennai is pretty much same for all these years. Though It’s one of the densest parts of Chennai in terms of population, It heavily lacks basic amenities like health, sanitation, education, public transport, road, etc. I wish government spend more on developing these areas. I even felt miserable when Chennai Metro Train project didn’t extend till north Chennai as it was initially planned to, I wish I could change that too.

I wish I could change the way how movies and other media portrait north Chennai, come on guys all there are not rowdys, goons and people with bad mouth. Might be a very few be like whats been portrayed in movies, but most of the people here are normal ones like you and me. Whenever I read news papers, mainly the english ones, I try to find is there any news about these areas in their metropolitan section, mostly I end up with nothing. Is that they only write about the places where their circulation is more or they just simply ignore?

North Chennai Trivias

  • Royapuram railway station is south India’s 1st railway station which was inaugurated in 1856
  • World famous Royal Enfield bullets are only manufactured in Thiruvottiyur.
  • Chennai Port is the 2nd largest port in india next to Mumbai.
  • Ennore Port is one of the emerging ports in India which won “memorandum of excellence certificate” award from Govt of India for 2 consecutive years.
  • Kasimedu fishing harbour has been identified as one of the 6 major fishing harbors in India in terms of volume and one of the major hub for seafood export industry. It also acts as a research centre for Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute.
  • Thyagaraja Swamy & Vadivudai Amman Temple at Tiruvottiyur is one of the oldest temple complex in Chennai, which is said to be exist since 7th Century.

Let the peace and harmony prevails, Let all live a happy and healthy life.
I Love you Chennai ❤ ❤ ❤

I pass this on to Sushmita who is an ardent Nature admirer and a great fan of great wall of India Mr Rahul Dravid. She blogs at A Blog of Scenic Nature – Beautiful Creations of God and A Tribute to Mr.Dependable Of the Indian Cricket – Rahul Dravid. Coincidentally we both are from same area and got graduated from same college.


12 thoughts on “One Aspect I Want To Change In Chennai – The CBC Tablog 2

  1. Sri Hari Narayanan

    Very nice thought!.. The development is to be there everywhere. But from my point of view, chennai is not the only place in Tamil Nadu. Everyone coming to chennai for employment since all companies are coming here with govt support. They think chennai is the only city and others are simply sub-urban or villages!. We know that all chennai living people now are not naive chennaities. They were all migrated from some villages at some point of time, only because they want to earn! But if we make employment for them over their place, they will grow as well as the village will grow and there will be more space in chennai to live for the naive people! And the fields will be saved from realtors!!!!

    1. gokoulane Post author

      Thanks SriHari Anna. I totally agree with you, The development has to be uniform across the country and as you said agriculture is one thing we must preserve.

  2. Destination Infinity

    I was born in North Chennai (somewhere near Broadway road) and I used to frequent to that area for visiting my grandmother’s house during my school holidays. So I have a pleasant memory of traveling to North Chennai by bus and then taking a rickshaw to reach the house. Surprisingly, I saw a few cycle rickshaws during a recent heritage walk in that area. I also saw a Metro station (under construction) in the Broadway road.

    In spite of portrayal of the area in movies, I don’t think (most) people will assume things. They are just not familiar with the area – that’s all.

    BTW, here is the link to that North Chennai heritage walk post:

    Destination Infinity

    1. gokoulane Post author

      Nice pics in your blog 🙂 People who live in chennai don’t assume things, but when i talk to people who are new to chennai, they ask me are these places bad as shown in movie.

  3. Jennifer Divia

    I totally agree with this sentiment, i looked for buying a house in vysar padi and madavaram bcoz it was more affordable than other places but it was looked down as very unsafe, yet we applied for the TNHB project which never took off! that apart i like most places and to travel through electric train there and particularly ennore and pulicat (its the largest brackish water lagoon in these parts) Its also called a negative estuary, very uncommon.

    1. gokoulane Post author

      Thanks Jennifer 🙂 Yes pulicat is an awesome place 🙂 But the sad part is trains in Cental – Gummidipoondi route is not frequent as other suburban train routes and trains are put hold on signal for longer time.

  4. Vishwas

    You are quite correct that the old Madras that first developed from Fort St George largely consisted of areas that today are part of North Chennai. There is mention of heritage walks. Can history be used to publicize North Chennai, and then when you have people’s attention, highlight the deplorable living conditions there today, as well as the lack of proper civic services?

    1. gokoulane Post author

      Thanks a lot for commenting sir, I feel very happy to see your comments on my blog posts. That’s really a good idea sir. definitely there are many historical and spiritual places in north chennai, I hope people will pay attention if I take few steps 🙂


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