Monthly Archives: September 2014

A High Dream

I Gaze at the night sky,
Sticking still on to my roof.
I sigh, counting those countless stars,
And at far I sight you, flickering !!

I try put myself up,
While my eyes anchored at you.
Will you ever reply my waving?
And that keeps me longing !!

I dont have any wings,
But you could get me real high,
Place me in mid of the cloudy sky.
And with you, I would end up flying !!

I might let my anxieties wear off,
And try stay calm till we takeoff.
It’s not far, My maiden date with you,
And till then, I better keep Dreaming !!

It’s a dream, a big dream since my childhood to fly, to fly in that mighty machine. I get very excited every time, when I see one. Whenever I pass the airport or when an aeroplane pass above me, I wish I could be in one of them, flying. I haven’t got a necessity or an opportunity to fly yet, but think I could try to fly soon, just for the sake of an experience.  I wish i get a Jennal Seat (Window Seat) near the wings in my first flight. And most probably I would write a blog post about the experience too. 🙂 🙂 🙂