The Owner

You must start early today, cautioned my mind. It’s Diwali tomorrow and roads gonna get packed soon, What could be a better reason than this to leave the office early. It’s been a while since I had chaat in my favourite place, So decided to stop by there, on my way back home. Chaat shop was bit crowded when I reached. I must wait, said the guy in the shop.

While I was waiting for the food, I noticed an old man preparing dosa in the near by Muniyandi Vilas style eat out. Then came a young guy riding a bike and addressed the old man as OWNER.

Guy : Owner, why are you doing all this work !!
Owner : Guys went to their home for diwali, They also have family and children na.
Guy : Where are your sons?
Owner : They.. They stated their own hotel in the home town, they wanted me to come there, but I don’t want to leave this place.
Guy (removed his shirt) : Ok, You move, I will do this work.
Owner (In bit angry voice) : Do you think I can’t take of my business, You decided that the old man can’t do any work?
Guy : Why you getting angry on me now,  I have always seen you in the galla (cash counter) like a king. You taught me the business, helped me to set up my own. I can’t stand simple seeing you working.
Owner (little smiling) : If you work, you must accept the wage.
Guy : Then today’s dinner will be my wage, so move now, let me do the work.

Then the young guy started preparing dosas and omelets faster for the waiting customers. In the meanwhile, chat shop guy got done with my order and called for me. I left home happily after having the chaat.

What really matters? How much you own or How many you own ?
One owned the business and respect. The other owned his GRATITUDE.
Who is the real OWNER?


One thought on “The Owner

  1. Vishwas

    We tend to go through life without giving much thought to what it’s about, so it’s nice of you to highlight such incidents to make us pause and think.


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