Jagriti Yatra | D -1

Today, It’s like  a dream come true. I am in Mumbai to join my fellow Yatris for Jagriti Yatra 2014. Sooper excited I am, Just a day left for the D Day.

Earlier this Saturday, I left my office with bit of excitement just like a school kid who’s leaving for his summer vacations.


Wait for me, Will be back soon

My whole Sunday was spent on  shopping and packing for the trip. Thankfully my mom helped me so much and made sure that I didn’t miss anything.


All packed. All set to go.

Monday morning, I am all set to leave home for an awesome journey ahead. Home is something which I will definitely MISS


Home I am going to miss you .

Happy that my parents and my friends from office came all the way to send off me and Buddy. Their blessings and wishes are much needed.


My awesome family.


From Right. Kumaresan, Me, Lakshmi, Sasi, Jaishree

The chennai gang, It’s super fun with them all the way.


Chennai Gang Me, Jaishree, Pradeep, Ranjani, Charen, Archana, Lohit, Sonal and Vishal


Lost on thoughts, Ha ha just a pose.


Sometime, Somewhere in train.

It’s not just us. Our co-passengers  Janani, a small girl and her grandparents who made it a great fun.


Sooper cute Janani


Selfie with Janani

Janani, gave all of us starts because we are all good guys 😀



Best part is having VadaPav for the first time in Pune as our breakfast.



Mumbai is like unbelievable, it’s vast and busy than chennai, It’s a city one must visit. Few of the achievement got unlocked today, traveling in crowded Mumbai local is one of them. In every corner you would find PaniPuri, VadaPav and chat shops, Yummy street  food and a must try ones. We visited Gate Way of India and tool a long walk at Nariman Point a.k.a Marine Drive. It was awesome meeting few fellow yatris from other parts other parts of India and celebrating a Delhi Yatri Saurabh’s birthday at midnight. Such a an awesome experience.

Note :

Just blogging from my phone, please don’t typos or grammatical errors, let me know, I will correct them

Posting delayed cos of network unavailability.


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