Jagriti Yatra | D +1

Day 2 (25.12.2014) was quite relaxing, as the whole day was in the train. I got to speak to and get to know my cohort. Oops I forgot to introduce them.

1) Dinesh Lahoti, Our facilitator. He runs a social enterprise named EduGenie based out if Guwahathi, Assam. He is also an educational consultant and a mathamagician too.

2) Satyam Duwrwala, a Chemical Engineer from Delhi.

3) Govind Rana, a Civil engineer from Meerut, UtharPradesh.

4) Devendar Mittal, a MSc Maths graduate from Rarkela, Orissa.

5) Sushilkumar Kharat, currently pursuing his MA in Political Science from Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

6) me, Gokoulane Ravi, a mobile app developer from Chennai, TamilNadu.

It’s such a diverse group. We spoke, discussed and debated over various topics like education, language, food, etc. They are so friendly and not tired repeating things an another time in English just for me. They are my Hindi teachers now. As far now, looking forward to interact more with them.

I also got to meet my group. And a group consists of three cohorts based out of same vertical, In our case it’s Education.

I also got to meet one of my inspirations Mr Akram Feroze , who cycled all over India and do his single person theater called Cycle Natak. He does street plays and theater workshops which are very instrumental in good thoughts reaching people.


So, we are now enrouted  to Hubli, Karnataka for our first roll model visit. Looking forward for a great exciting day ahead tomorrow.


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