Jagriti Yatra | D +3

The day 4 (27.12.2014) started with boarding off the train at Whitefield station, Bangalore, The IT hub of INDIA.

We boarded our respective busses to Infosys Head Quarters. It was totally fun on the way, Yatris playing anthakshari, thought couldn’t understand most of their songs, I enjoyed thoroughly. I could sense, how diverse the Yatris are. I met an artist from Kerala and another a theater artist from Bihar, as usual I forgot their name.


It’ a beautiful campus with more than 50 buildings, I could simply call it a digital fortresses.


Our roll model study of the day was MindTree and we had Mr Parthasarathy a.k.a Partha who is one of the co-founders and VP of MindTree. He took us through the genesis of the company and their journey so far. He also explained about their Corporate Social Responsibility and Individual Social Responsibility initiatives which was really interesting to listen to. Our group was one of the groups that was assigned to present case study analysis on MindTree. So, we got some extra time with Mr Partha to ask our queries and that session was really useful.


Post lunch, we had an enlighting panel discussion on the topic “Engineering Beyond IT”. The panel members are rock stars in their respective fields. We had Sushmita Mohanty from Earth2Orbit, Dr V.I Bishor from UBIO and Mr Tarun Mehta from Ather Energy. They discussed on various engineering avenues like Space, Bio Technology, automobile engineering, etc. and the opportunities available in those sectors.


Then, we were ported back to Whitefield station, boarded back in train and started to our next destination MADHURAI. It’s a city close to my heart, wondering what it got for me this time.

To Be Continued …


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