Jagriti Yatra | D +4

Day 5 (28.12.2014) we were at Madhurai, the temple city of Tamil Nadu. There are many reasons like Tamil, food, temple, etc., why I remember this city for. But I am sure that some thing significant will be added to my memory after this visit.

After being in between majority of Hindi speaking Yatris in train for a while, It felt really great to be around some Tamil speaking people. It just felt like home, I was singing myself loud “Madhura Kulunga Kulunga” song from the movie Subramaniyapuram, That excited I was.


The role model of the day was Aravind Eye Care,  after a short bus drive, we reached the hospital. It was very interesting to learn about their self sustaining business model which not only generates profit, but also enable them to serve the needy by providing treatment free or in subsided rates. They have also innovated in telemedicine and in operating procedures to serve more people and reduce cost. It was also very inspiring to listen about Dr G.Venkataswamy a.k.a Dr V  who founded Arvind Eye Care in the year 1976 with a 11 bed facility, He himself have performed over 100,000 eye surgeries and been instrumental in developing cost effective Arvind Eye Care system.


We were divided into small groups and took to look around the hospital. Our group had Mr Gyanasekaran, Manager HR to explain us the process and patient flow inside their hospitals.


We weren’t aware that Jagriti Yatra team has got some surprise for us, I was wowed when they served us my fav Madhurai Jigartanda during lunch.


After lunch we had a panel discussion by few founding members of Arvind He Care. They spoke about the business model, the values in their organization and about their inspiration Dr. V.


Post that, We had an inspiring talk by Dr, Arvind who is Chief Medical Officer of Arvind Eye Care. He spoke about, how India will transform into a super power in near future and about the opportunities that will be availability.


As we had some time left to board back on train, we were allowed to visit the famous Madhurai Meenakahi Amman Temple. As it was Sunday, the temple was too crowded, anyhow we managed to go through. After the exciting temple visit we were back to the station and boarded back the train.


That night, back in train, our group present the role model case study of MindTree, though we had some setbacks, I feel we did fairly well. So kudos team.

Next destination is very special to me, my home town, Chennai. Super excited I am.


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