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Jagriti Yatra | D +5

Day 6 (29.12.2014) Nothing like waking up with an excitement that I am somewhere quite near to my home town, somewhere quite near to my home. Its completely a “Enga Oooru Madrasu, adhukku nanga thanae addressu” feel inside me while our train stopped at Chengalpattu station, a suburb of Chennai. Never been this excited about Chennai, like they say, you would never know the importance of a thing until you are away from it.

Our role model of the day is Royal Enfield, Riding a Royal Enfiled bullet is a dream of many, Including me. We were to visit their new factory at Oragadam, I wish it was their old factory at Thiruvottiyur, a suburb of Chennai where I grew up. Royal Enfield used to be one of the pride of my Area, before a year, that’s the only factory where the world famous Royal Enfiled Bullets were made and we were so proud of it.

When we reached the factory, we were welcomed with a nice gift (a notepad and a pen) from Royal Enfield. After a small briefing session on safety, we were divided into groups for the factory visit. It was amazing to see a bullet being assembled in a minute and sent for testing in their Assembly Line. Unfortunately, we went allowed to take any pics inside the factory. We were also taken around their automated Paint Shop and CNC Shop, which requires less human intervention in the process. After the factory visit, there was a Panel Discussion lead by the heads of departments of Royal Enfield followed by a Q&A session.

Then, we headed to a nearby engineering college, which name I forgot. After our lunch there, we had another panel discussion which was on Agriculture. As usual, we had rockstart panelists Girish Minocha of Minchys, Aruna Kappagantula of Bamboo House India and Makarand Churi of Nisag Nirman. They spoke about various aspects and challenges of Agriculture and Food Processing Induustry.

On the way back to the railway station, I got a surprise call from my parents that they were on their way to the station to see me. They were waiting there for almost an hour just to spend a few minutes with me. I was very happy to see them at the station, they even got me some sweets and a blanket. They waited till the train departed and waved me a bye with a big smile. My heart felt heavy, never missed my parents this much.

The day didn’t end there. At midnight, we celebrated my buddy Jaishree’s birthday in the train. I was very happy that my plan to wish her worked and she was very happy about my gift. Awesome of my mom to get sweets for her birthday too, so we shared that “sweet edu, kondadu” moment.

To Be Continued…

Note: Dear readers (if there are any), really sorry for delayed posts. Busy life you see 😀 😀