Jagriti Yatra | D +6

Day 7 (30.12.2014) The day started relaxing, as we were informed that we would be reaching our destination only post afternoon. I spent most of time talking to the fellow yatris and in my favorite time pass, looking out of the train window. We were passing through coastal areas and the scene outside was amazing, I sighed, thinking how demographically and geographically diverse INDIA is. Around evening we reached Visakhapatnam (a.k.a Vizag) one of the prominent port cities in India.

Our Role Model of the day was The Akshaya Patra Foundation an NGO which tries to fight issues like hunger and malnutrition. By implementing the Midday Meal Scheme in the Government schools and Government aided schools, they aim not only to fight hunger but also to bring children to school. We had Mr Satya Gaura Chandra Dasa, one of the  directors of the Akshaya Patra to address us about the organization. One could be easily deceived by his spiritual look, but he speaks quality, logistics, finance, etc. like a real management person. It’s true that they have the heart of an NGO but work like a corporate. After the brief speech, a few yatris are lucky enough to visit their semi automatic kitchen which cooks food for 1000s of school children everyday and others like me couldn’t make it due to time constraints. Very Inspiring.

Our next stop was Vizag Seaport Cargo handling facility, Where we were explained about the port operation by it’s officials. What happened next was something we never expected, something that never happened in that port premises. Songs were played and we all danced, sincere thanks to one of our yatri, whose dad holds a key position in the port. After having our dinner there, we head back to our moving home, The Jagriti Express, Headed straight to our next destination.

To Be Continued…


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