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Jagriti Yatra | D +16 , D +17 & D +18

Day 17 (09.01.2015) Unlike me, most in our group woke up late as we all slept late last night. We got a whole day to spend at Mumbai before packing our bags back to Chennai. Our search for having something different for the breakfast failed, thus ending up with dosa in a nearby eatout. Actually, I wanted to roam around trying different food, but ladies in our group opted for some shopping first (should have been cautioned by then) so, we headed up to the Fashion Street. While others spend time shopping and bargaining their best prices, I was simply wandering back and forth the street having roadside chats and drinking lemon sodas. The only thing I got there was a customized keychain with my name on it. Time runs really fast in Mumbai, or at least it seems to be, It was already afternoon by then and I started to feel hungry again.

Customized Keychain, a Mumbai souvenir

Customized Keychain, a Mumbai souvenir

Then, we all headed to Bandra Linking Road as they had decided to continue their shopathon. Our friend Akash joined us on the way and we all had our lunch in an eat out near Bandra. We were also joined by our CEO Archana akka’s friend Sharmila at the Linking Road and their shopping went on for a while. As admin and Akash decided to part apart to meet their friends at marine drive and the rest of us decided to go to the nearby Carter Road Beach. This beach was nothing like the beach in Chennai, no sand at all, even the dark sea was bit away from the shore line and what we could see is all rocks. One thing that comforted us was that the place was silent unlike others and the breeze too. Thanks to Sharmila who pointed me to a place where I had my best Shawarma ever, and to some good parathas nearby. It was already time, so we took a taxi back to our room and admin joined us later. Me and admin relaxingly enjoyed our Breezers which we got earlier that day, while our friends kept on reminding us that it’s getting late.

When we checked out of the hotel, we realized that the hotel guy had messed up with our cab booking. The cab arrived late and we were rushed to the railway station. With just couple of minutes for the train to start we hired a porter to move our heavy luggage and boarded the train in the very last minute. Both the cab drivers and the porter took advantage of our situation and demanded more, with no other go we end up paying them their extra. Even boarding train felt like an adventure, what a pulsating experience it was. After all those happened that night, we had no energy left on our body, so no option other than hit out berth straight and sleep.

Day 18 (10.01.2015) The whole day was spent in the train chitchatting, singing, eating, sleeping and nothing else. One thing I couldn’t forget is, our admin kept on saying “Food for Thoughts” pointing to set of books he got.

Day 19 (11.01.2015) Early morning, we reached Chennai back. After bidding farewell to my awesome Chennai gang, I took a local TRAIN back home. As they say, it’s nothing like home. And, my mom’s food cured my homesickness in no time.

Every Time I think of yatra, I just feels like a dream. It was an awesome amazing journey and It will be one of my best memories cherished forever.

The End.