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Trip To Remember – Coorg & Goa – High Dream Come True

Usually I write my travel experiences in chronological order, But I wish to differ this time considering the significance of the event that occurred concluded the trip, So in reverse chronological order. If you are someone who regularly read my blog, you might have guessed just by reading the title of the post, If not, just continue reading.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, to fly in an airplane had been a huge dream since my childhood. The dream came true when I boarded my 1st flight recently. As I am deferring the trip details to upcoming blog posts, this one will only be about my maiden flight experience.

My 1st flight was a Boeing 737, Jet Airways connecting flight 9W427 from Goa (GOI) to Mumbai (BOM) which was scheduled on 28/09/2015 at 06.50 pm. I reached Goa Dabolim Airport as early as 04.30 pm with my friends. We awaited in the waiting area until they announced security check for our flight. Post X-Ray scanning and tagging our bags, we checked-in and was given our boarding passes. Then, we completed our hand baggage security check and waited long for boarding gates to open. I kept on checking my watch, excitement in me started shooting up,  I even roamed around the airport to contain it and to stay calm, even looking at the boarding passes excited me. I peeped through those huge glass walls, seeing those flights take off and as usual imagining being in one of them. Then there was an announcement stating that the flight got delayed by 15 minutes and got rescheduled to 07.05 pm.

At last boarding gates got opened by 06.55 pm and I couldn’t control my excitement as I entered the flight doors through the air bridge, It felt like an adventure, that’s the moment of truth. I was greeted with a warm smile by the air hostess and was guided to my seat, where I sat and put on my seat belt. Not all things happens to  our wish, I wished for a window seat, but didn’t get one this time. After series of safety and emergency related announcements the flight started moving. I didn’t close my eyes, but held my seat armrest tight and peeped through the window while it took off. It was an amazing experience, I smiled to myself and I felt as if I achieved something great, same silly me. They served stuffed bread roll and I opted for a non-veg one which was yummy. After few mins, pilot announced that we are approaching landing. I enjoyed the night view of the busy Mumbai as we approached the runway. A sudden, slight jerk in the flight confirmed a safe landing, and that was yet another thrilling, achievement unlocked moment. I took the air sickness bag which was kept in the seat pouch as a souvenir and got off the flight. That’s the end of my maiden flight and thanks Jet Airways for making it memorable one.

Once we got down the flight, we had an airline staff expecting us. She coordinated us to board a n airport bus to our next flight (9W487) bounded to Chennai. This one is also a Boeing 737. It seems that the flight was waiting for us to board and it started momentarily. I think the following Paulo Coelho’s word are true “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”. I felt as if the whole universe conspired to help me get a window seat this time. As Mumbai airport is a busy one, our flight was queued for a while on the runway before it took off. This time they served a  whole nice meal with Roti, Potato Sabzi, Rice, Chicken Curry, Yogurt, Ice Cream and Coffee. After a while, pilot announced that we are about to land and we are no 6 in the queue, and our flight rounded Chennai sky for a while, we also experienced air turbulence couple of times that time. I had a spectacular view while approach landing, long shoreline of marina beach, MRTS train route and Kathipara Junction bridge caught my eyes before landing. I happily got off the flight, collected my baggage and got back home.

That’s all, story ends here. Thanks for your patience, reader.

1st Flight Souvenirs

1st Flight Souvenirs